Neighbors are identified homeowners that live near the Just Listed or Just Sold property. They have been sent a postcard, email(s), and shown a Google Ad regarding that property, but have not yet requested a free home value estimate from the landing page. They will appear in the Neighbors section of the Nosy Neighbor app.

Contacts are neighbors (homeowners) who have visited the landing page and requested a home value estimate. This action is recorded in their profile record in the Nosy Neighbor app, they are moved from the Neighbors section of the app to the Contacts list, and automatically pushed into your kvCORE Smart CRM if you have kvCORE connected.

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How Does Nosy Neighbor Identify Neighbors?

After a Just Listed or Just Sold property is identified using the MLS(es) that cover your zip code(s), Nosy Neighbor will look in a 1-mile radius around the property for homeowners using public county courthouse records and other proprietary data.

While Inside Real Estate cannot guarantee the number of neighbors you receive per listing per zip code, on average you may see up to 10 neighbors added to your app as they are identified each day.

Where Does Nosy Neighbor Get the Information for Neighbors?

Nosy Neighbor relies on public county courthouse records and other proprietary data to obtain contact information for each identified neighbor. While the majority of information is accurate, Inside Real Estate cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contact information.

Once I Get a Neighbor Do I Need to Do Anything?

Not necessarily. Nosy Neighbor is designed to follow up with neighbors on your behalf, sending the initial postcard and email within 24-48 hours of a Just Listed or Just Sold property.

If the neighbor does not opt-in after the initial round of communications, Nosy Neighbor will continue to send an email every 30 days for the next 4 months.

For more information on the communications Nosy Neighbor sends, click here.

However, reaching out to Neighbors is an option if you are comfortable with cold calling. Although these users have not opted in to receive a free home value estimate, you can reach out to them using the Nosy Neighbor app.

Within the app, Call Now and Text Now will bring up a list of both neighbors and opted-in contacts who need to be called or sent a text, depending on the list you tap into.

Call List

The Call list displays contact cards for each person you need to reach out to. It will include their added date, contact information, and nearby listing(s) so you know what to talk about during your conversation.

If you tap on the Suggested Script it will pull up a sample script of how you can begin the conversation with this person. To call each person on the list, simply tap the "Call Now" button and it will bring up your cell phone's default dialing app.

Once you have completed the call, you will have the option to add notes, log the event, and keep or remove the person from your call list.

You can unsubscribe them if necessary using the ‘Unsubscribe’ toggle.

Please Note: The contact is unsubscribed if the toggle background is red

Text List

The Text List works similarly. It will display the same type of information along with a "Message Now" button on the bottom that will open your cell phone's default texting app.

Instead of tapping on Suggested Script, you can tap on the "Use Template" button next to "Message Now" and copy the sample script to use when texting this person.

TIP: You can edit this message by tapping on the script to bring up your cell phone keyboard.

Once you are satisfied with the message, tap the "Copy Message & Continue!" button at the bottom, and paste it into your phone's default texting app.

After you have sent the text, Nosy Neighbor will ask you if the message was sent. Tapping "Yes" will automatically remove that person's contact card from your reminder list.

The 'Send Email' and 'Send Postcard' tiles show you whether or not you have enabled emails and postcards to be automatically sent to identified neighbors around a Sold or Active listing.

These 2 settings can be enabled or disabled both in the Nosy Neighbor app and in your account on the website. To change the settings in the app, just tap into the Neighbors section at the bottom.

You can then toggle on or off either setting at the top. Best practice is to enable both of these, of course, so that Nosy Neighbor can farm for you while you focus on the Sellers already in your pipeline.


When you access the Neighbors section of the app, you will see a list of all the identified neighbors related to the zip code you are currently viewing information for.

You can search for a specific name in the search bar along the top and/or use the filters button on the right to use specific criteria to search for a list of specific neighbors.

You can also send an email to multiple neighbors at once by tapping on the blue + icon in the bottom right and checking the box next to each neighbor to select them.

If you tap on a name from the list you can review their profile details, such as contact information, the nearby listing(s) they are associated with, and icons that show what, if any, communications were sent by Nosy Neighbor.

If you access the Activity Log at the top of the app, you will see a list of all the actions taken by you or that neighbor along with any notes you may have added.

TIP: The Activity Log will show if and when a neighbor was sent an email. Although you cannot see the content of the email within this log, you can determine what message they were sent by clicking here.

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