Do you target multiple markets? Want to tailor a site for specific lead gen? Expand your reach to each area by adding an additional kvCORE website! Adding an extra website at the Office, Team, or Agent level can allow you to expand your reach through organic or paid marketing.

kvCORE templated websites are designed for visitor-to-lead conversion. Driving traffic to multiple sites with localized content can increase your online presence, website conversion rate, and, of course, supercharge your pipeline. Each website you add will be a subdomain of your Team or Office site and can be easily managed from your Web & IDX settings.

Subdomain example: delaneym.mybrokeragename.com

If you want to add a website that has a specific domain name, you can also request a Vanity Domain. For more information on vanity domains, watch this video.

How to Purchase a Market Specific Website

You can purchase a Market Specific Website from the Marketplace, using the main navigation. Find 'Market Specific Website' and select 'Learn More'.

Pricing is displayed within the Marketplace tab.

Then click the green 'Add to kvCORE' button on the top right.

On the order form your Broker of Record's information is required so that Inside Real Estate can verify your MLS subscriptions and other required paperwork for allowing MLS data to be fed to your new site. There may be additional forms to fill out depending on your state, and the IDX Team will contact you if necessary.

At this time you will also choose your 'subdomain.' When you first setup or log into kvCORE you already have a website that uses your personal subdomain. When purchasing an additional site, you can choose the subdomain for the new site.

TIP: Depending on your state or local laws, you might not be able to use some words in your domain such as 'MLS' or 'Agent' so please research beforehand by deferring to your Broker if there are any considerations.

After completing the order form Inside Real Estate will contact you when the new website is live.

Please Note: The time it takes to set up can depend on your MLS.

How To Manage Your New Site

Once your new site is live, you can edit it the same as you edit your primary site.

Start by opening 'Web & IDX' from the main navigation.

Once you're on the Web & IDX control panel, look to the upper left. This is where you can choose which website to work on from the dropdown menu.

This will update Web & IDX to the appropriate page instantly. On any page where you are adding content, changing a setting, or creating something like a Squeeze or Landing Page, you can always select which website to work with.

Please Note: Your Primary site will always be used when using the popout menus from the main navigation. To select your site, navigate to the main page instead of using the popout.

Important Information

  • All of the automatic communications from your kvCORE system will reference your original kvCORE website URL. For example, this means that Search Alerts sent out to leads captured from either of your websites will link back to your original site.

  • If you originally have access to multiple MLS', the MLS' may be removed from your additional website but they must all be installed on your original kvCORE website.

  • kvCORE functions such as your Smart Number will always apply to both sites. So, you cannot have two different Smart Numbers for example.

  • All of your major website properties such as the logo, office address, etc. are inherited from your Office's website, just like your original site inherits them.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com

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