The geographical areas search option actively enhances your kvCORE website with the ability to pull information based on the listings' geolocation as added by the listing agent instead of MLS areas.

The tool narrows down the search results by using each listings' latitude and longitude to provide a more exact picture of the listings available for the area being searched.

For more information on geographical areas, click here.

Please Note: Depending on the MLS you have associated with your kvCORE account, you may need to enable 'Coverage Only' in your website settings list and enable all MLS areas.

To learn more about 'Coverage Only', click here.

To learn more about MLS areas, click here.

There are a few different places within your kvCORE account that you will see the option to use geographical areas over MLS area:

The geographical area option in your Web & IDX website settings list will look a bit differently when compared to the other toggles - it may be referred to "polygons" or "geographical areas".

You can access the Web & IDX setting by hovering over the Web & IDX tab. Then, select 'Website Settings'. Scroll down to 'Use Polygons for Neighborhoods and Schools'.

Understand that if the polygon areas option is turned on this will affect the searches on your site. This means that your site will only allow for searches with 1 area at a time, so this will NOT allow for multiple areas to be searched for on your site at the same time.

If you want geographical areas to automatically apply to all website search results, search alert results, and squeeze page listings you can simply toggle the setting on for the Web & IDX setting. This overarching setting will affect all website-related searches, including any that you perform within the Listings tab.

Please Note: In order to use the geographical search setting, you must also change your Default Display for listing results view to 'Map', otherwise this setting will not work properly.

If you would rather retain the ability to pick and choose when geographical areas are used to narrow down search results, click 'No' for the Web & IDX setting and toggle the setting on for individual search alerts, squeeze pages, or listing results.

TIP: You can easily tell if you have geographical areas enabled on your website by looking at your website's search results. If you have geographical areas enabled, the map will display a boundary that is automatically applied to the map of search results. This indicates that kvCORE is using the latitude and longitude of the area being searched to narrow the results down to only listings within that geographical area.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance with geographical area searches, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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