We recommend that duplication is ENABLED for kvCORE accounts. However, your account manager will advise you on the option during setup. This article explains how two leads with the same email address can exist at the same time with this feature enabled.

Important Definitions

  • Entity - An agent, office, or team.
  • Owner - This is the literal owner of the lead. It is the entity on whose site or import the lead was generated or created on or with. An owner is an Entity that a lead belongs to.
  • Assignee - This is the agent to whom the lead is assigned. The Assignee manages the lead. The owner can also view or manage the lead. This makes it possible for both an office admin and an agent to view the same lead which was generated by the office website, for example.
  • Unique Lead or Contact - This is defined by an email address & owner combination. So, a lead can be unique (be duplicated) as long as the owners are different, even if the emails are the same.

Lead Ownership

Duplicate leads or contacts can be created in kvCORE depending on how they are created or generated.

To understand how this happens, you must understand lead ownership. Ownership is determined by which entity generated the lead or contact.

For example, as an agent, or a team admin, you have your own personal kvCORE agent website/subdomain, or team website/subdomain. so, for example, if you post a squeeze page of properties to Facebook to generate leads, those leads are assigned to you, because the squeeze page builder uses your personal kvCORE website to generate the link that you post. This simultaneously means that you are the Owner of anyone who signs up from that squeeze page, because it is your personal website they signed up on.

The URL outlined in red below is an agent's subdomain. Therefore the agent will be the owner of any leads that register.

Now, if you are an office admin, or Advertiser, or the owner of the kvCORE account you can also create squeeze pages and landing pages for your Company or office. Many companies like to invest some advertising and distribute the results to their agents at the office level.

Those leads that sign up on pages are owned by the Company but assigned to an agent

The agent of course needs to access the lead they are assigned to work it. But, the owner of the lead, is the Company. That simply means that the Company/office admin can modify the lead regardless of any privacy settings. 

The URL outlined in red below is a Company domain. Therefore the Company/office will be the owner of any leads that register.

How can I see who the owner is?

In the SmartCRM, you can view the owner heading:

(Toggle the switch to blue to display the column.)

This shows in the list:

If you are not the owner of a lead, you will not be able to perform certain actions:

Deleting Leads

With Lead Ownership you can Delete leads, this means if you as an Agent own the lead then you can delete it, but this also means you cannot delete any company or team owned leads as an agent. To give the basic examples Agents can delete their Agent Owned Leads, Company/Office admins can delete Company Owned Leads.

Disclaimer: Lead Duplication must be turned on in order to allow agents to delete leads. If Lead duplication is not turned on no agents can delete leads in the CRM.

Unique Leads

So, ownership is determined by where or who the lead was generated.

In the examples above, you saw two different squeeze pages. What happens if the same person signs up on both pages?

One squeeze page was built using  sryser.feeltheire.com . The other was built using  feeltheire.com.

Wordpress Sites

If lead duplication is enabled on a kvCORE account that uses the wordpress plugin, should a new lead register that has already previously registered (the system looks for a duplicate email address) then that new lead will be prompted to select who they are working with already:

  • If an agent selects one of the agents, they will be logged in as the lead that matches the agent they selected.
  • If they select “None of These,” a new lead will be created.
  • If they navigate away from the modal, a new lead will be created. 

Because the owners of the lead are different, even though the emails are the same, the system creates two unique leads:

You can see that what separates them is the owner. Both of these leads are assigned to John. The top one was routed to him from the company site, and the second one was generated off of his personal site. They are the same person who signed up on two different squeeze pages.

Lead Activity & Auto-emails

Please Note - If a duplicate lead is unsubscribed by one agent, it does not unsubscribe them from the other agent's they may also be assigned to.

For each unique lead, separate campaigns, texts, listing activity, and notes are kept.

So, if a lead goes on to browse a company site (kvcore-demo.com) all of their activity is recorded in the company owned lead. If that same person later that night gets a listing alert from John, which takes them to john.kvcore-demo.com then all of their activity on that site is recorded onto the lead record that is owned by John. 

Regardless of who the assigned agent is, the activity, notes, emails, are all recorded separately. Both leads could be Assigned to John, and their activity is still recorded based on which website they are browsing.

Here, you can see the 'Next Action' which usually contains the next item in an assigned smart campaign. In this situation, there was no applicable smart campaign for new leads from the company website, but John did configure a Smart Campaign for his leads that are generated from his personal site. 


Text Messaging

If a duplicate lead sends a text message to the smart number which could be the same for two unique leads assigned to different agents, the text message is routed to the Assigned agent with the most recent text message out to that lead.

So, if John and Jill are both in the same office, and John's smart campaign sent a text message yesterday, and Jill sent a listing via text today, if John doesn't send another text message the next lead response via text will go to Jill.

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