All users and admins must login at

There are a few ways to manage passwords in kvCORE. Passwords are never known or shared to anyone, therefore you must use the tools in kvCORE to manage or reset them.

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, use the reset tool on the login screen to reset it. 

Please note, if you do not open the link in the reset password email that is sent to you within 30 minutes, you will have to use the 'Forgot Password' function again.

Manually Change A Password

When editing an Agent, access the 'Actions' Menu on the upper right. There you can manually change the exiting password to a new one.

Send A Welcome Email

If you need to distribute passwords to Agents you've just added to kvCORE, use the 'Send Welcome Email' option from the Agent Roster.

Select one or more Agents, then click the button. As soon as the button is clicked, the email is immediately sent. It's not editable.

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