You can set your preferences on when you're available to chat within the dashboard, and the messages you receive will be forwarded to your phone as texts. You can reply to those messages via the text thread, and your website visitor will see them.

To access your chat settings:

From your Main Dashboard

In the box marked "Integrations" on the right, click on "Tour Chat". 

This will show your chat settings page:

The General tab has your basic settings for enabling or disabling chat. 

  • You can also choose to mandate the lead on chat. (This requires everyone who decides to chat to put their name, phone, and email first.)

  • Input the phone number you want to receive the chats to (as text messages.)

  • Chat auto pop-up delay means the amount of time it takes for the chat window to pop up when opening the property website. 

  • Auto response delay is the amount of time the chatter will get an automated message if you don’t/can’t respond.

The availability tab allows you to set the hours during which you can receive chat messages. Be sure to pick the right timezone you are in at the top. You will receive texts during these hours.

The messaging tab controls the automatic messages that display in the chat window during certain conditions. For example, if you set the auto pop up delay on the general tab to 30 seconds, then after someone has been on your property site for 30 seconds, the chat window will pop up on their screen, and display the 'Chat default message' that they can respond to.

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