Selecting Your Listing 

From the Main Dashboard

  1. Log into CORE Listing Machine.

  2. Click on "View" next to the listing you want to edit. 

Activating/Deactivating Your Media

  1. After selecting your listing, click “Activate Media” on the left hand side.

   2. Activating a photo means you have previously deactivated it in our system. Deactivated photos will be at the bottom of the page and highlighted in red.

   3. To reactivate a photo check both boxes below the image(s) and click “Save Changes.” The photos will be added back to your tour and the red highlight will be removed.

4. To deactivate a photo, simply uncheck the boxes below the image(s) and click "Save Changes'. Removed photos will still show up on this page, and will be highlighted red to indicate that it is inactive.

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