1. Log into your CORE Listing Machine account.

  2. Hold your mouse over the "Social Media" tab on the top bar, then select "Dashboard" from the drop-down menu.

3. In the center of the page, there will be a box labeled “Social Media Account Setup.” In that box, click on “Add or Modify Connections.”

4. Under any site you would like to connect to, click on the green connect button. 

5. Using Facebook as the example here, you will enter your username and password to Facebook, and then login, and allow any permissions requested. We do not store this information; this is to help us to connect and post to the correct Facebook page. 

6. You will need to connect to a personal Facebook account, but any page connected to your personal account with automatically connect as well. From here, you can choose which page(s) you do and do not want us to post to by checking the box that says “Allow Posting.”

7. Click Save at the bottom right. 

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