1. To install Mozilla Firefox onto your computer, you will first need to open a web browser found on the Desktop or Taskbar (eg: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari) 

2. Once you have the browser of your choice open, you will need to search for ‘Download Mozilla Firefox’’.  You can either type it into the URL bar at the top, or search on Google.com.

3. After you search for Mozilla Firefox Download, you should then see an download link and an option for “Go to download”.  Select “Go to download”..

4. Click on ‘Download Now ’ and a new page will appear.. The download should happen immediately OR you can click on the link, ‘Try Downloading again’. 

5. The Firefox Installer will download (check the bottom of your browser window) and you will need to click on it to open and start the installation.

6. Your computer screen will open “Firefox Installer” and will need to click on ‘Yes’ to run the setup.

7. Firefox Installer will then start. Once the download is complete, a new browser will open automatically. 

8. Setup is complete. A new window will open automatically. Enjoy using Mozilla Firefox

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