Custom drip campaigns are created in two ways. Either entirely by scratch, or from copying an already-built campaign.

Create A New Campaign

(Skip this step, and scroll down to 'Customizing' if you already copied a campaign from the library.)

First, access 'My Settings.'

Next, scroll down to 'Add A New Drip Campaign,' it's just underneath the 'Auto Assigned Listing Alerts For Leads' section, on the right hand side of the screen. We will begin by naming our campaign. Our campaign has to have a name before we can start adding emails to it.

  • Campaign Name - Set the name of your campaign.

  • Share Campaign - Choose if you want to share this campaign to other users of K+ via the Shared Campaign Library.

  • Hashtag - Pick a hashtag to assign this campaign to. Any new leads that are assigned to this hashtag will be immediately assigned to this campaign. Handy for creating campaigns for specific new leads that came from a landing page advertisement, for example.

Click 'Add Campaign' after filling in the fields, and you're ready to proceed.

Customizing Your Campaign

You can customize any campaign that is on your settings page. You can edit the existing events, or add new ones.

Adding New Events

Immediately to the left of the 'Add A New Drip Campaign' tool, is the 'Add Drip Emails/Texts' tool. This is what we will use to add new events to our campaign.

  • Campaign - Select the campaign you wish to add the event to.

  • Send On Day - Select when you want this event triggered/sent.

  • Method For Sending - These are the specific events that can occur.To LeadEmail - Send an email from K+ to the lead's email address.Text Message - Send an SMS Text Message from your K+ smart number to the lead's phone number.To MeEmail To Me - Send an email from K+ to yourself.Text To Me - Send a text message from your K+ smart number to your cell phone.Schedule Call - Create a 'Call To Make' for that day that will appear in your list of assigned calls on your K+ dashboard.Webhook - Use a webhook URL.

  • Subject - If the event is an EMAIL you can enter the subject here. Otherwise, leave it blank.

  • Body - Enter the contents of the email, text, notes, or webhook URL into this field.

What are variables?

Variables are used in the body or subject of the drip campaigns you create.

Custom variables that are available include:

  • #firstname 

  • #lastname

  • #fullname

  • #agentname

  • #agentemail

  • #agentphone

  • #town

  • #seller_fulladdress

  • #seller_city

  • #seller_street

  • #domain

  • #leademail

  • #leadphone


Hi, #firstname are you still looking in #town ?

would produce:

Hi, John are you still looking in Warwick ?

What is a webhook?

A webhook is a URL that is typically provided by a third party. It is designed to push information from one place, to another, in order to perform a task. For example, if I wanted to send out a postcard to a new seller lead that just signed up, I would need to send their name and address, and maybe some other information to a third party who could print and mail the cards automatically for me. For more information, click here.

Editing Existing Campaigns Or Events

Once events have been added, or if they are already part of a campaign you copied in, you can certainly edit them in pretty much any way you want to.

Scroll past the 'Add Drip Emails/Texts' tool and find your campaign name in the list below.

Right away, you can see a few controls under the campaign name:

  • You can share this drip campaign. Shared campaigns are visible to any user of Kunversion+. 

  • You can set the hashtag for this campaign. Any new leads assigned to this hashtag, will automatically be assigned to this campaign. It is not a retroactive setting, meaning it only affects new leads going forward. 

  • You can delete this campaign. There is no undo button! 

  • Assign to All Buyer Leads will assign this drip campaign to all of your buyer leads, regardless of their current campaign. There is no undo button! 

  • Assign to All Seller Leads will assign this drip campaign to all of your seller leads, regardless of their current campaign. There is no undo button! 

Next, just below these campaign settings, we have two important settings for what can happen when the campaign is assigned to a brand new lead for the very first time.

If you fill in all of the appropriate fields for the welcome email or welcome text, that content will override what K+ sends by default to brand new leads. You'll notice that you can set events for the first day the campaign is assigned. However, these settings are the events for the very first messages (welcome messages) that go out, not just whatever goes out on the first day.

Beneath the welcome text/email fields you will see all of the different events in this campaign stacked one atop the other.

All of the fields here are editable. To make an edit, first click inside the text box, and the edges will turn blue. After your edit is complete, click on an empty space outside the text box, and it will update the contents. You'll know you did it right because the page will reload. 

There is no HTML, or Images in Drip Campaigns. Do not put an email signature in them. These are supposed to look like quick, personally hand-written notes. This is for two important reasons. First, to minimize the possibility that the email will be marked as spam, and secondly, to have the best chance at eliciting a response from the lead.


Default Campaign Settings

You can normally set your default campaigns provided that your administrator has not mandated a specific campaign. If they have, the field will read 'Broker Mandated' and cannot be changed. These default campaign settings are located nearer the top of your K+ settings page. Simply choose the campaign name you want applied in each situation.

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