• Text messages can have a maximum of 150 characters when sending from K+.

  • When mass texting, you can send a maximum of 50 texts per day.

There are two ways you can mass communicate.

  1. Work from a list of contacts, of any kind. (inbound texts, email leads, phone leads, etc.) This is the simplest method, just load a list, select a bunch of contacts, and send your message

  2. .Use the mass email/text list builder tools for prospecting your contacts database. These tools allow you to reverse prospect, which is a way to target the contacts in your database who are looking in specific areas, and/or in particular price brackets.

Send From A List

1. Open a list of contacts. For this example, we'll use a hashtag.

2. It's a good idea to sort the list in a specific way. Click a header to sort. (Do this, so each time you always have the leads arranged in the same order. Important when you are doing 50 at a time per day, you don't want to send out the same message twice.)

3. Select the contacts to reach out to.

4. Use the control at the bottom to send a text or email.

Email - This opens your GMail account in a new tab, with all of the selected contacts BCC'd

Text - This opens a popup that will display in the upper center of your page. Type your message into the pop up and click send.

If you just imported your database of contacts, you should definitely send to your imported list 50 at a time. Let them know that you have a new app, website, etc. and ask them what they think of it. Tell them to let you know their opinion. This is an easy, simple way to get them interacting with the site and generating activity. If you can get them hooked on Millions Mapped, you can steer them away from other resources like Zillow, and keep them more effectively in your loop.


Using the mass text/email list builder

This feature automatically compiles leads into lists using reverse marketing

Please note - You cannot use #variables in mass texts like you can in drip campaigns. Adding a variable such as #firstname will error out, and the text will not send.

It's very handy for pushing listings or criteria that resonate with contacts, increasing the likely hood that they will reply.  

First, click on Quick Actions (top right), then on Mass Email or Mass Text.

The 'recent texts' menu allows you to select a previously sent text message to populate the body of the text you want to send.


On the mass text or mass email page you'll find the following options:

Send to a Hashtag- Enter a message, then click on which Hashtag you would like to send it to.

Send Text/Email About a Listing:

Here, you will "Reverse market" a property to potential interested parties.

  1. Enter an MLS number, and then click on "Find Leads."

  2. A message will appear with a link in it. Customize the message and then click on the red button "Text X Leads" to send that message to all of the leads the system found are looking for similar properties.


The message you see above is modified from the default placeholder message (the text in the red box.) You definitely should change the sentence before the comma. Say something interesting like, "Hey this property just posted online. You gotta check out the pool!" followed by the http:// link. The best way to get replies, is to speak to the listing, which is a leads main point of interest!


Send Text/Email to a Certain Criteria

Another way to reverse market, by using listing criteria. Use it to communicate a pocket listing or other significant piece of information to the most interested parties in that price range or area.

  1. Select from the four criteria. You can select multiple towns in the 'Choose a Town' box, and click find leads.

  2. A Box will appear after clicking find leads where you can enter your text message. When you're ready, click on 'Text X Leads' to send that message to the number of leads shown on the red button.


Send Hail Mary Text/Email 

This is a way for you to tap everyone on the shoulder who may have forgotten about your website. You always want to bring them back, with a link or a call to action that entices a reply.

  1. Click the gray build button.

  2. The system finds a collection of inactive leads that haven't been to your site in awhile. Enter your message into the text field then click the red button 'Send Hail Mary Text To X'

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