You can build special links (by hand) if you want to send a very specific list of listings using a simple link.

Links to specific listings look like this:,4416338#rslt

If you investigate this link, you will see the following results:

Only two results, to two properties I have pre-selected.

Let's look at the URL again.,4416338#rslt

The part is my personal website. You have your own personal Kunversion site as well. It's usually in the format of, but it can be anything that was setup by your admin.

We will need the formal version of this, which is

All I added was the http:// at the front and the other / at the end.

Next, we have index.php, which is the address of the page that displays the properties. So take your subdomain and add it on.

Now, we have the " ? ", add that in. 

Followed by mlsids=

Finally, simply add the MLS Numbers or ID's of the listings you want to show. All separated by commas! That's it. Make sure they are Active listings. Listings that don't display on your Kunversion site cannot be forced to display here. This is a really manual method of building a link, but if you save the first portion in a text file, it will always be the same, and you can add the rest of the ID's whenever you need to build such a link.

You can add #rslt to the end of the URL to "zoom" down the page to where the listings are when the link is opened to get our final product:,4416338#rslt

#rslt is what's known as an "anchor" to the "results" section of the page. It basically tells your browser (chrome, firefox, etc.), "scroll down to where the listings are automatically."

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