Reverse Marketing is the process by which you find leads according to criteria that seem to match their interests. Their interests are measured by the website, as they browse listings.

While browsing the Kunversion+ website, the website averages out what your leads look at. This is indicated by the Price and Area column:

In fact, anywhere you see or hear what a leads price and area is, (outside of listing alerts) it's based on the average values of the properties they've viewed.

Begin by navigating to the search page, and clicking on the 'Reverse' tab:


Now, specify the criteria. I know this seems like an ...archaic way of searching, but it's worth it. 

I'll use the phrase "Homes in Warwick between 100k and 700k"

Homes in [ area ] between [ number ] k and [ number ] k  
Is the correct format. Yes, you need the k after the numbers, unless you type in all the zeroes.

Now you have a list of leads that matches your search!  

From here you can send a mass text or email using the check boxes on the left and the buttons on the bottom.

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