When facebook fails to generate a link preview image for your post.

Facebook uses a caching system to try to handle all of the data that gets thrown at it every second of every day.

Sometimes, we need to kick the cache to try to grab the latest information (or all of the information) from a link we want to post.

There's no guarantee this will work, but it usually does. This will also NOT help if the listing doesn't actually have any photos yet. Sometimes photos can lag behind from the MLS.

So, if you paste a link into a facebook post, and there is no property picture, you can attempt the following

1.  Go to: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

2.  Paste URL in box, click debug button on right. You may have to "fetch new information." Click that if it asks you to.      

3.  If info or photo is lacking, click 'scrape again' button at the top.

4.  At that point it should download all the information including photos.

If you see 'photo coming soon' then the listing or listings in your link have no photos, typically. If you want you can use the Facebook Image Settings in the build squeeze link. It depends on what actual listings you have.

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