Sold Listings Features

You can do two things with your sold properties on Kunversion+.

  1. You can post them onto your website for the public to see.

  2. You can request feedback on your sold clients to generate more referrals and add testimonials to your Kunversion+ site.

The sold properties you add to your Kunversion+ site appear under the Resources -> Sold Listings menu:

(Hero Template shown)

This is how they appear on your site. All the info you see is entered/added manually. It does not come from the MLS.

We don't pull sold listings from the MLS at this time.


How to Add Sold Listings

1. Click on 'Listings' in your left hand navigation, and then click on 'Sold Listings'


2. Click the Add New button.

3. Simply fill out the fields in the form.

Not all fields are required.

You can edit the listing later if you make a mistake.

Use an image you uploaded from the MLS to keep things simple, just make sure it's in jpg format.


4.  As soon as you click 'Add Listing' it will be published to your site. If you need to make an edit, you can do so using the buttons to the right of the posted property:

How to Request Feedback on Sold Listings 

At the top of the Sold Listings page you will see the buttons concerning anonymous feedback that you can request of past clients.

  • Clicking 'Test Drive Feedback' will show you the exact survey/form that your clients will see if you send it to them. You can play with it to see what will happen. 

  • Clicking 'Request Feedback' will open up a pre-writted email message that you can send. Just fill in your clients email in the 'To:' field. This email will of course appear in their email history in Kunversion.

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