You will need the Kunversion+ Chrome Extension to take advantage of the Craigslist posting feature.

If you have not yet installed the Kunversion+ Chrome Extension, you may find the instructions here .

Posting to Craigslist follows this basic process: 

1. Find a listing or MLS#

 2. Open the lisitng, by clicking on the address that shows and click "Post to Craigslist" from the actions menu, or enter the MLS# into the appropriate field using the quick actions menu.


If you know the MLS# it's fastest to just click on Quick Actions > Post to Craigslist.

After you click Post to Craigslist, confirm Craigslist on the following page:

3. This launches the auto-posting process. Don't touch the computer and allow the poster to finish completely, not touching anything until you land on the publishing page. When it says 'this is an unpublished draft.' at the top, you may continue to Step 4.


4. Customize your ad text with your own description or text codes

5. Publish!

Beware of scams!

It's a good ideal to direct new leads how you want them to get more information. Doing this with text codes is a pretty good idea. But be sure to not open any links or follow instructions from any messages you receive! People who are wanting to browse properties WILL become leads on your site. For more information, click here.

We do recommend using a Craigslist account to post. To do this, just make sure you are signed into your account in a separate tab before posting. This is a recommended course of action as it makes your ads easy to manage from one place, your control panel in Craigslist. In fact, you can use that to re-post your ads periodically, instead of having to go through the entire posting process each time. It's a lot more efficient to use their built-in tools.

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