How to use the K+ mobile dialer app and other included features: contacts, mobile dashboard, open house sign-in, and geo-locate + cole data.


The dialer is a simple way to complete your calls while on the go. It uses your phone's mobile line to make the calls with a countdown feature between each call.

The main dialer tab is broken out into different lists. You can tap on any of the lists to reveal everyone that you can call.

If you scroll down the list a bit, you'll also see your hashtags broken out into dialer lists.

Each of these hashtag lists are divided up by lead status.

Tap on any of the lists you see to view the leads you can call within it.

In this example, if we tap to open the 'Current Calls' list, it contains everyone in my calls to make list from my dashboard. Every day you can use the dialer app to complete your 'daily calls to make' using the 'current calls' list.

To initiate the dialer, tap on the green 'START' button at the top right of the list (shown above.)

This will bring you to the first call, which will start counting down from 5.

  1. Tap 'STOP' to stop dialing.

  2. The reason for the call will be summarized here. If you leave a note for yourself and schedule a call, this is where you will see that note.

  3. Skip this contact, or text/email them.

  4. Countdown timer.

  5. Viewed listing(s.)

When the counter reaches zero, your phone app will open with the leads' number pre-entered. Just hit the call button.

After you hang up, you should be returned to the app, where you will see the following prompt:

If you tap yes to leave a note, you can also schedule a future call at that time:

  1. Choose a date to be reminded to call. This will add the note as a call to make on that day.

  2. Call notes.

  3. ControlsSave - Save & move to next call.Speech - Tap to initiate google assisted speech-to-text. It will type what you speak into notes.Cancel - Cancel leaving any notes.

Note left and call scheduled for 7 days in the future. It appears on the lead details page within K+.

You will then be taken to the next lead to call and the timer will start over from 5.


The contacts feature of the app is accessed by tapping on the contacts tab at the bottom.

  1. Begin typing to filter out your contacts by name.

  2. Tap on the appropriate icon to call, text, or email the contact.


Mobile Dashboard

Tap on the mobile dashboard button at the bottom to load your K+ dashboard into your app. Anything that you need to access can usually be done so through this feature.

More Options

More options are where you can access the Open House feature, Geolocate, or log out of the app. Tap on the ellipsis at the bottom right corner to access the page.

Open House

The open house feature allows you to create a simple sign-in sheet for the visitors to your open house. Generally speaking you would let people know that for security reasons they need to sign in to tour the home.

To create the sign in sheet, tap on the open house button and enter the MLS ID of the listing you want to show.

Checking 'Phone Number Required' will force each person to enter both an email and a phone number to sign in (as opposed to just an email address.)

Once you click the red 'Submit' button you'll see your sign in screen.

After tapping 'Sign In' the visitor will be asked two yes/no questions.

They will see a 'Thanks' message after tapping their answers to both questions and the sign in screen will reset. If you accidentally close the app or cancel the sign in process somehow, you can restart the open house by re-entering the MLS Number into the open house setup page.


Geolocate is an interesting feature that uses Cole Data o reveal information about homes that you are standing near.

First, turn on your location before accessing geolocate.

You may see a prompt to allow access the first time you use it.

If your map doesn't zero in on your location after allowing access, back out of geolocate and open it again.

When the map zooms to your location, tap on the red map markers to see what information you can see about the homes near you.

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