Piesync keeps an updated record of all of your contacts from all of the different software programs you use. When you generate new leads, they are pushed to PieSync. If those leads are updated in another program, PieSync pushes those updated details back to K+.

  • PieSync pushes changes to K+ or other apps within 5 minutes of detection.

  • PieSync avoids duplicating contacts.

  • PieSync will use your Zapier key to connect K+. It's all you need to setup your connection.

When a new lead is created in K+, PieSync will receive the following lead details:

  • Email

  • Phone

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Created Date

  • Source

  • Hashtag(s)

  • Type (buyer, seller, renter)

  • MLS ID (for buyer, renter)

  • Seller Address (for seller)

When PieSync has a new or updated lead, it will push the following information to K+:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone

  • Type

  • Hashtags

  • MLS ID

  • Seller Address

  • Cannot be changed:EmailSource

Upon update, Piesync will post a note to the lead timeline in K+

If PieSync passes information for an email an agent already has in Kunversion+, the contact details will be replaced with new contact details from PieSync. Contacts are updated based on email, not ID.

How To Connect K+ to PieSync

To get started, access your Agent Settings Page.

Scroll down to your 'Kunversion Zapier Key' and copy it.

Next, log into your PieSync account, and click 'New Connection' on the left.

Then, using the search bar, look for 'Kunversion.'

With Kunversion+ clicked, choose an app you want to connect it to on the next screen. In this example we'll use Google Contacts.

On the following screen, click to authorize both apps that you are syncing.

For K+ we will paste our Zapier key into the field. For other apps, you may need to also provide a key or log into your account for that app.

This brings you to the configuration page where you will specify the details for how you want the sync to work. You can choose a bidirectional sync, or just sync from one source to another and not the other way around.

For more information on how the sync direction is configured, as well as how to setup the different available rules, click here to access the PieSync help center.

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