Right now, you could go online, and find the coolest/raddest/most beautiful listing that was just listed in your MLS, and blast it out using one of the mass-text features and say something like this: "Hey, this was just listed in the MLS, you gotta see the pool: http://goo.gl/rpRfqs"

You would get replies. If you just blast texted your entire database people would respond to you. Most importantly, people would respond to you, even they've never replied to your emails or calls. 


1. Don't ask yes or no questions. Wherever possible, text something interesting, like a listing with unique features (such as in the example above.)

2. Show interest in what your leads are doing. Ask/say things such as

"403 Willow St. is a great deal! Would you like to setup a time for a showing?"

"I have a new home that's priced to sell, it won't last. Want to setup a time to go see it?"

"What do you think of the properties I've been sending you in (area)?"

3. Take a concierge/CS approach from time to time:

"What kind of questions can I answer for you about ([area] market/financing/home buying/getting pre-approved)" 

You'll notice all of this advice recommends texting very specific things. None of it is open-ended like "How can I help you with your home search?" or "How is your search for that new home going?" Those generic messages don't really warrant any reply, because you have to have forged a more meaningful relationship with that person before asking them something along those lines.


Mass Text & Email Scripts

Here are some scripts that come as recommended for both mass emailing and texting.

Active leads

  • Do you want me to send you any text alerts when new properties come on the market? Or change your search at all?

  • I see you have been looking at a lot of homes. Are you already pre qualified?

  • I had an opening come up for this weekend to show homes. Did you find any you would like to see?

  • This is the most searched home in #city what are your thoughts of it?

  • Rates are suppose to be going up according to the feds did you want o lock in a rate prior to the changes?

  • Do you have a down payment or do you need some help with that?

Inactive leads

  • Do you want me to send you any text alerts when new properties come on the market? Or change your search at all?

  • I noticed you have not been back to the site in awhile did you already find the home you are looking for?

  • Are you still looking for a  home?

  • Did you get discouraged from the down payment?

  • Did you ever actually get approved to see what you qualify for?

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