This guide will show you the different options you have for customizing your Agent Profile, and what some of the related information/settings mean.

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Your agent profile is found on your 'settings' page. It's accessed via the main menu at the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Open your main menu and click 'My Settings.'

This brings you to the primary page where you will find things like your API keys, your campaign settings, and pretty much all of the geeky information that is involved with how K+ ticks.

Please note - settings will not save unless you click the red 'update settings' button at the bottom of the list of settings.

Section 1 - Email Settings/Info

There's a lot of information kind of clumped together on this page, so we'll break it down into relative sections. This first section shows us our email related information/settings. 

Your basic profile information such as your email address and cell phone number are edited by your admin in their administrative control panel.

The first thing you might see when you load this page is the message in the beige box at the top that says 'No Google Account used to authorize Kunversion.' (Or similar message.) Normally, you wouldn't see this message if you follow the K+ setup guide. However, if you do see a warning or error, you can resolve it by connecting your Google account.

Starting at the top of this page, under where it says 'Update Your Settings' we'll break out all of the fields listed on your profile into different parts.

Part 1 - Account Info

  • Company Email - This is the email new leads receive mail from when K+ communicates with them on your behalf. The company email may be the same as your 'GMail Address' if you are syncing your K+ account with G-Suite.

  • Gmail Address - This is the Google email address that you receive emails at. All of your emails from K+ and replies from leads will go to this inbox. You may use the 'Gmail Address' or 'Company Email' to log into your K+ account.

  • Company Smart Number - Mainly for your reference, you should save this number in your cell phone and call it 'K+' or something similar. This is the phone number that will call you to deliver leads to accept. It's the number that you will receive text notifications from K+ on, and it's the number that your leads will see when they receive texts from K+ automatically or from K+ via the tools and features in the dashboard that can send texts.

  • Authorized Google Account - This field will display the email that is synced from when you first access K+ and go through the setup process. Generally speaking, the email shown here should match your Gmail address (or Gsuite address.) Clicking the green authorize button will attempt to sync K+ with the Google account you are currently logged into, which may differ from the listed email above. For more information, click here.

  • Subdomain - This is your personal K+ website address. It's what you should put on your business card and everything else. The subdomain is actually the piece in front of the root domain. In the picture above, in, 'red.' is the subdomain and '' is the root domain. So the website of my agency would be My personal K+ website is The subdomain portion can be changed by an administrator.

Section 2 - API/Lead Capture Info

  • Import Email - This is a unique email address that is assigned to you specifically. You can forward emails to it that have lead information in them, and those leads will be created in your K+ dashboard. For more information, click here.

  • Millions Mapped Install Link - This is a link you can send to anyone. If they open it on their phone, they'll be prompted to download your mobile home searching app. What is Milions Mapped?

  • Millions Mapped Agent Code - If someone downloads your mobile app and they don't see your info, this code can be entered into the app settings to display it.

  • Zillow Tech Connect ID - This is the ID you'll need to connect ZTC with K+. For more information, click here.

  • PieSync Key - You'll need this key to connect a PieSync account. What is PieSync?

  • Link to KV on Zapier - This is the 'homepage' of zaps for K+. If you want to connect K+ to other programs, this is a good place to see what's available. What is Zapier?

  • Kunversion Zapier Key - This is your private/personal Zapier key to connect your K+ account.

  • Description - This is a box into which you may enter your bio or 'About Me' content. It can contain HTML markup, so if you want to insert video or an image, it's possible using HTML. This information displays on your profile page on your K+ site. To access that page, you would go to your personal K+ website subdomain, mouse over the 'Your Agent' menu in the main navigation at the top of the site, and then then click 'Agent Profile' in the drop down menu. The agent profile page not only contains your bio but also all of the social media handles, your picture, phone number, office address, etc. While it is not a page anyone will really visit on their own, it's nice to know that you have a contact info page if someone decides to look for one.

  • Disclaimer - This is a special link or display text that many agents use to remain in compliance with local, state, or MLS laws. If you enter text into the display field on the left, and an http:// link into the field on the right, that will display at the bottom left of your personal K+ website subdomain, in the footer of the site. This is especially useful for TREC compliance where you need to link to a signed document that contains your specific information on the front of your website. 


Click on the image area to get started with a photo upload.

This brings up the dialog menu for you to select an image to upload.

After you upload the image, you can use the pencil icon to crop it. 

For best results you can prepare your image ahead of time by cropping and sizing it to 200px wide by 160px tall.

If you are having issues with the image tool, first clear your cache and cookies and try again. Or, use   CTRL   +  F5  to re-download the page. (  CMD  +  F5  on a Mac.)

  • Agent MLS Code - This is a unique ID that you might get from your MLS. It identifies which listings belong to you. It's used in many instances throughout K+ such as populating your listings on your K+ website, and even in routing certain kinds of leads. Our support staff can look up your MLS ID if you do not have it, we just need to know your K+ website, and the ID of one of your listings.

  • Craigslist Autopost Link - When your company gets setup on K+ we configure the account so that if one uses the Craigslist Posting Tool  it posts to the Craigslist that is local to the company. If you post to a different Craigslist than what your company/team was configured with, then you can paste the CL posting link you need. To get it, go to your Craigslist, and open the homes for sale list. Right click the 'post' link in the top right corner of the page, and copy it using the right click menu option. It will look similar to this though not exactly the same: is the link for Portland, OR if you were curious.)

  • Password - This field contains your K+ password. You may change it to anything you wish.

Part 4 - Social Media Usernames

The fields from 'Facebook URL' to 'Bambuser' only contain the relevant social media handle of your accounts. So, for example with the twitter field, you would only enter your @handle. Not your email, not a URL that starts with http or www, just your 'name.'

  • Facebook URL - Enter the name you chose for your Facebook page/profile. For example, is a facebook page. I would only enter 'kvtrainingpage' into the field. Clicking the green 'Verify' button to the right will open a new tab to see if what you entered is correct. If your page that you want linked shows up, then you did it correctly. If you get a page not found or similar error, you didn't enter the page/profile name you wanted correctly.

  • Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Bambuser - Enter your relevant social media handle into the field. Not the URL to your profile page. 

These links are all generated and populated on your K+ website in various places for people to click on.

For example, the bottom left of your homepage:

Part 5 - Lead & Campaign Defaults

  • Auto Lead Rating - K+ can rate your leads using the 1-5 Star Rating System whenever they are generated. This may help you in your prioritization of calls or tasks, or it may help you with lead alerts. You can always manually rate leads afterwards. 

  • Default Campaigns - These are all drop down menus where you can pick one of your campaigns from the list to be a default campaign. So, before you can start leveraging the feature you'll need some of your own custom campaigns. You'll also notice that each of these options in turn is tied to a lead status. What this means, is that when a lead is changed to a status, the campaign specified in the list will be assigned to that lead, and start running. This means that by changing statuses, as part of moving leads through your pipeline, you always have followups being sent out automatically that are relevant to that person. Looking at it from the top down, it's definitely part of a larger strategy where you are trying to automate things as much as possible. For more information on drip campaigns, click here.

Finally, at the bottom of this list of settings, there is the 'Update Settings' button. Anything you change, should be followed up with a click of this red button to change the settings.

Some settings may not appear on your K+ website right away. If it's been awhile and you feel like you are having issues getting something to change, you can usually fix them by pressing   CTRL   +  F5  on your keyboard to re-download the page. (  CMD  +  F5  on a Mac.) If it's been over 2 hours and you have not yet seen your K+ website update, our support team can manually clear the cache for your K+ website.

That's your main K+ profile page! It's where you will find all of the critical settings and API keys for connecting other programs to K+. Other settings that are not editable from this page are changed by your K+ Admin or Team Leader for you.

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