A domain is a website address which is used for your Kunversion website. e.g. http://ecomls.com/

A subdomain is a domain that is only part of the primary domain.

To visualize this, we will call the primary domain the "root" domain to distinguish it from the "sub" domain.

Whenever we reference a "subdomain" we are referring to one of two things:

  • In the case of linking pages, we mean the combination of the subdomain and the root domain (A.K.A. your personal website.)

  • In the case of text codes or similar functions, we mean only the blue portion. In the case shown above: "red" (no quotes or dots.)

This subdivision of the root domain is created whenever you add (or are added as) an Agent to Kunversion by the site owner or Admin.

The subdomain is critical, as it can determine if leads are assigned to you should they visit or inquire on the subdomain.

You can review your subdomain in two places.

  1. At the bottom of the Kunversion Dashboard. Scroll all the way down, until you see this at the very bottom:You can see that it says: "Your Website is:" followed by your subdomain and root domain, both which make up your personal website.  

  2. On the settings page:

Your subdomain can be changed at any time by your Broker or Admin. Please note, that if you want to change your subdomain, please make sure that if you purchased any advertising, or posted any links, they will no longer work and need to be updated to your new subdomain!

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