For K+ to help you be successful, there are only a few things to focus on in your first 30 days on the system, and then you can re-assess your situation by looking into additional features and exploring other functionality of the software.

1. Funnel your contacts.  

Make sure all your known lead sources are funneling into Kunversion. All the people that you meet, or obtain contact info on. They come from open houses, door knocking, farming, from advertising, zillow,, etc. ALL of those sources need to be pointed into the system. Once you get those flowing in and you're generating a significant number of leads per month you'll have a solid foundation to go off of.

How do you do this? Well, it will be a combination of things you do by hand, and things that you want to make happen automatically. The more things you can do automatically, the more time you have for prospecting.

First, you need to learn about the three basic ways that Kunversion can automatically get contact info into your database. 

a. Your subdomain . This is your personal website. When you access your settings page, you will find out what your subdomain is. Always send people to it. Use it in your emails, your voicemails, cards, everything. You want people to get to your website so that the website can automatically take care of them. 

b. Your mobile app . You have a mobile app! It loads super fast. Quicker than Zillow. And anyone who has it can search just about anywhere in the country to view homes for sale. If you have everyone you know use it as an alternative to Zillow, it can keep them in YOUR loop instead of being snagged as someone else's lead. In Kunversion after you import your contacts for the first time, you are going to want to text/email 50 at a time, per day, to let them know about your new app. Something like "Hey, I just got a new website an app! Would you check it out for me and let me know what you think?" You can find your Millions Mapped link to send to people on your settings page. (Notice how it uses your subdomain that we just mentioned from part a! It's important to only use this link so they stay tied to you.)

c. Your text code . This is the final way that the system can automatically capture and incubate contacts. Basically, this is a way to capture peoples' phone numbers off of physical marketing like business cards, signs, riders, flyers, etc. It can be used to deliver your Millions Mapped app directly to their phone, if they send a special text message to your smart number. That special message pertains to you, so when they text it, the system automatically responds with your special Millions Mapped link. Of course, the text codes are not limited to just your mobile app. There are many ways you can use custom codes to deliver any kind of message or link, but you'll learn about that a little later. 

2. Calls to make.

You want to call the leads that Kunversion puts into your call list. The system will tell you why it thinks you should call them. It's typically always based off of their activity, and there are lots of great reasons to reach out to your website visitors.

3.  Make sure contacts get setup on alerts.

Make sure your new leads are getting set up on alerts. If you purchased facebook leads, this is especially important. If you know what kind of advertising you are running, you will know how to configure alerts for those leads. Check your contact lists and look for the "Location" and "Price" column. If those values are unknown/zero then that means the contact has never been to your site! They will not stick with you if they are not on your site. So, send them some listings, set them up on a search using the alerts tab on the lead details page.

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