There are three main ways to track activity in your dashboard.

Main Activity Stream

This is the quickest way to review what's happening with your contacts is the Activity Stream.

It compiles all of the property views, from all of your contacts into one place.

The activity stream will show views from up to 4 days ago.

Find the activity stream by clicking on the button in your Agent Dashboard left hand navigation:

On this page you will find all of the listing views by your contacts.

Activity Stream Key:  

Purple Border : Company Listings

Yellow Border : Pending/Contingent Listing

Wide Photo (Double-Tile) : Saved Property or Viewed at least 5 times by that contact.

Top Left Text : Lead Name

Bottom Left Icon : Device used to view listing

Bottom Right Text : How long ago the property was saved or last viewed. 

Your activity stream will also show you any questions or appointment requests you have received, in Green or Red tiles. 

Green = You Responded

Red = Not Responded

Questions remain in the activity stream for 90 days.

Lead Activity Stream

To access:

1. Open a lead

2. Click on 'Activity'

This is just like the main activity stream, except that all of the properties are only those viewed by the contact you have open. Additionally, it will display 'off-market' properties, which show as orange tiles.

These are listings which are no longer accessible via IDX, for one reason or another. Either it was removed from the MLS, or marked as no longer available in the MLS.

Notifications Panel

Find notifications by clicking on the notifications Icon at the top of your dashboard:

These are events that are all significant milestones or activities recorded by the system of your contacts. When contacts save listings, come back to the site after a period of inactivity, or even if one of their saved listings was reduced in price.  

Depending on the situation, these are all great conversation starters for following up.

Additionally, just like you can view activity for a single lead, you can also view notifications for a single lead.Scroll down on the overview tab of that lead to review their notifications:

Your calls to make are largely based off these notifications. 

The red lightning bolt icon is a new activity that you haven't seen yet.

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