For those of you who are keeping your old website around, there is a way to get those leads who are visiting it to funnel into K+.

Apart from using Zapier, or email imports, you could use one of our search widgets, to redirect organic visitors to your Kunversion site where they can be captured as leads.

Or, if you are capturing leads on your old site, and have control over the software that does it, you could send those leads to our Lead Import Web-service.

In order to successfully implement widgets or a webservice, you will need to know how to modify a website via programming and/or HTML.Support cannot really assist you with this, as it is outside of their scope to modify websites.


Search Widgets

These are accessible from the Broker Dashboard for company-level routing, or from the Agent Dashboard embed pages for individual agent routing. 

They will look like the following images. These widgets will take the information inputted into them, then carry the user over to your Kunversion site after they click submit or search.

Wide Size

Full & Small Size

Seller Widget


Lead Import Web-service 

This is located on the Broker Embed page. Use the query string to POST your data to your Kunversion account.

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