If you have more than one Google account and you're having to login and out all the time to access different inboxes, you have come to the right place.

Just like Kunversion+, Chrome can be connected to a Google account.

If you setup Chrome for each Google Account you have, you can access them separately, at the same time. This means you will never have to login and out of accounts all day long and lose your Gmail sync with Kunversion. You can even keep separate settings and bookmarks. 

So, you could have a personal Chrome for things like your non-work email and banking, etc., and you can have another Chrome that JUST has Kunversion and MLS information in it. It's up to you!

To set this up, use Chrome Profiles. When you have profiles setup, this is what it looks like:

See that little 'KV' menu at the top? On your Chrome browser, it will say the name of the profile you're logged in as. When clicked, the menu that you see in the above screenshot shows all the different profiles you can log into. Each is a different Google account. Clicking on one would open a new Chrome window with completely different bookmarks, cookies, cache, logins, etc.  

Step 1:  Sign Into Chrome

You must sign into Chrome with one of your accounts, and then add others.

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. In the top right, click the button with your name or People   .

  3. Click  Sign in to Chrome .

  4. Sign in with your Google Account.

Step 2: Add Profiles

Click on your name on the upper right and select 'Manage People' from the menu.

On the pop up screen click 'add person' on the bottom left. 

Add an additional profile. Give it a name and select an avatar. Note, you can create a desktop shortcut for this person.

If you are an ISA, you can create accounts for each agent you might have to login as, and you can store all your desktop shortcuts for each person in a single folder! Life will never be easier.

Step 3: Sign into a new account 

As soon as this new person is added, a new Chrome window will open. You may now sign into a different Google account!

Since this window is now completely separate from your other Google Account, you can create different bookmarks, save different passwords, and create a separate little environment that you can access whenever you want to without having to log out of anything else first!

If you ever get confused about who you are logged in as, simply look up at the name in the top right.

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