Kunversion+ Basic Setup

The most important part of setup is making sure you're logging into the right email account when you are logging into Kunversion+ for the first time.

Kunversion+ will link to and try to sync with the email you are logged in as. When logging into Gmail or G-Suite, make sure that the account you're logging in as is the one to be used with Kunversion+.

Step 1: Download Chrome 

Kunversion+ works best with Google Chrome. It's not absolutely required, but highly recommended.

Download Chrome here .

Optional: If you are inexperienced with technology and would like some helpful tips to prepare your computer & Chrome for using Kunversion + using bookmarks,  click here.

Step 2: Open and sync Gmail & Kunversion +

First, visit Gmail and login to your Google Account that will be used with Kunversion+. If you are logged into a personal Google account, please log out.

Next, open a new tab and log into http://kunversion.com/agent  with the login information that was emailed to you.

Upon logging into Kunversion+, you will see the following sync request. Click accept.

If you see a secondary request, accept it as well.

So long as you were logged into the correct Google account, you will be properly synced! 

If you see a Gmail/Google Sync Error on the dashboard, log out of everything and try again by first logging into the Google account that your Broker setup your account with.

Step 3: Setup Wizard 

Upon logging into the Kunversion+ Dashboard for the first time, it will look quite busy.

Scroll down to where it says: 'Setup Wizard'.

Each step will prompt you to enter information or download an app.

Step 1: Sync 

If you did not already sync with your dashboard by clicking 'Accept' earlier when you logged in for the first time, click the green button. 

Otherwise, click Continue.

Step 2: Important info 

In Step 2, you can enter the MLS ID of one of your listings.

It also gives you the basic information you need for using Kunversion daily. If you want to send leads to your system, if you want to give someone your website, it's all here in this step.

Step 3: Download App 

Here, you can download the Kunversion App for your mobile device. You will be able to pull information for Door Knocking, Run Open Houses, or Access your Dashboard using the app.

Step 4: Video 

Watch the video. It's very short and runs you through some super useful facts about the Dashboard. Also, your Broker or Admin will see that you watched the video to the end, and know that your setup is complete! Just watch it, then click finish at the bottom after it ends.

If you do not do this last step in order (watch video completely and click finish) then the setup wizard will continue to show each time you log in.

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