You can create content for landing pages to help improve your site's relevancy to search engines, by writing descriptive, UNIQUE content about a particular area that a landing page exists for on your Kunversion+ website!

If you scroll down to the bottom of your Kunversion+ site, you'll see a list of areas:

If you click on any one of these areas it will take you to a landing page that's full of relevant info we've collected from the various dark corners of the internet. 

This page, is the landing page.

Now, if you mouse over settings on the Team/Admin dashboard, you can select the "SEO Landing Pages" option.

Here, you'll find a list that mirrors the areas you saw at the bottom of your Kunversion+ website.

There are a few options here, this is what they do: 

External URL : If you want to make a landing page into what could be described as it's own website, you can enter a domain you own here. After you enter a domain, you can hit update on the far right, and check back in 10 minutes or so. By that time, you will see the nameservers that you'll need to set for your host to point to, in order for it to start working. Once the domain is pointed correctly, going to that domain will default straight to the landing page for that area.

Subdomains (optional) : If you look at the landing page, at the top there are search options. Nice. Now let's say that you have some agents who work these areas especially. If you specify their subdomain here (multiple subdomains are separated by commas) then if anyone performs a search from the landing page, they will be sent to one of those subdomains. You can start to see how this is going to come in handy with the custom URLs! Don't forget that you can specify an agents subdomain when you edit their profile. 

Page Text : This is where the big money is located. Come up with a description of the area. As long and as detailed as you can write uniquely. The more this content differs from other content on the web, the better. There are many ways in which one can describe a car. Google loves unique content, and will love your site accordingly. Hire a writer if you must, but definitely get it done! Or, make your best blogger do it. Offer beer, or something like that.

As you might expect, whenever you change something, be sure to hit update on the far right.

You must contact support to delete sub-areas.

Changes could take up to 90 minutes to propagate.

The statistical info on area pages is compiled from the MLS which your Kunversion site is connected to.

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