Your Kunversion+ website may have a recruitment page.

You can enable this by entering content into the Recruiting Text section of your Team/Admin Dashboard.

If Recruiting Text is empty, you will have no recruit page.

When updating anything in Geeky Settings, the system can take up to 90 minutes to reflect the change. If you do not see the change when you check for it, please clear the cache/cookies on your browser and/or open the link via an incognito tab.

To enable the recruiting page:

1.  Log into Team/Admin dashboard

2.  Hover over Settings & Click on Settings

3. Scroll down to options #33: Recruiting Text

4. Fill in your pitch. Scroll down to the bottom and click the blue update settings button. 

It shows on the recruit page, at the bottom right under the information form.

Strategies to grow your team 

With the recruitment page, it's very straightforward to just advertise that page, and use it to absorb incoming inquiries. If you wanted to have more control over who you can reach, then you could certainly create a landing page that then pointed potential recruits to your recruit page. Since the landing page uses hashtags, you could even create a custom drip & welcome email message to those recruits should they submit their information! 

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