Part 1: How to find custom search options

Begin by accessing your Kunversion+ website, and finding the Keywords Search box.

Click More Options

This will take you to the advanced search page, looking at the listings portion of the page. Scroll up to see the keywords box. 

On this example above, do you see 'Hot Water' and 'Parking?' 

These are where your custom options will be. The Hot Water and Parking options are custom options on this example website.

The KEYWORDS box is where you will find out what you can add.

We'll start by entering what we think is a known 'field name.' For example, I know that 'Hot Water' exists as a field in my MLS, so I will start by typing 'Hot.'

In all the results that show, there are two parts to each result in this list. 

They are formatted as: Field Name - Value .

The field name is what you need. 

This is the ONLY way custom options may work. You can only use a field name. Using the example above, if I wanted a 'Gravity Hot Air' option on my site, I would not be able to do that. But, I could add 'Heating Type' and that would provide a drop down menu that contains 'Gravity Hot Air' among the other possible options that exist in the MLS data.

We can only see what is currently in the MLS. If you are not finding what you need, please  and we will see if the field just needs to be mapped, or if it doesn't exist. Sometimes, it's possible that a feature will not exist because there are no listings with that feature. When that occurs, the drop down menu could contain no options. So, you must be careful with what you want to allow people to search by.

Once you have a custom option set, you can use them in squeeze links, or you could link to them with a non-squeeze link as well. For example, I could create a link to HUD Section Homes, and sometimes there would be listings, and other times there would not.

It is possible to hide options from your Kunversion site, but still use them for your listing alerts. In fact, we recommend hiding as many options as possible that are not specifically needed. Please remember, when non-realtors search your site, they won't know about the kinds of parameters to search for in most cases!

Part 2: How to add custom search options

When updating anything in Geeky Settings, the system can take up to 90 minutes to reflect the change.

If you do not see the change when you check for it, please clear the cache/cookies on your browser and/or open the link via an incognito tab. 

1.  Log into Team/Admin dashboard

2.  Hover over Settings & Click on Settings

3. Find options #39: 'Additional Search Options.'

4. Enter the Field Name that corresponds to the one you found in keywords search. Separate additional options by a comma. Support can hide options from showing on your Kunversion site, while still allowing you to use them for Listing Alerts.

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