When your Kunversion+ website/account is first created, we create a new Analytics Profile for you.

At your request, we can give you full access to it, so that you may track it from your own analytics dashboard.

If you created a new analytics profile already, you can delete it from the admin section of Google Analytics and request access to the one we've created.

Once that is done, you can connect it to other services.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Adwords Conversion

  • Google Remarketing

  • FB Advertising Conversion (If not using lead forms. We recommend using FB Lead Forms and Zapier where possible.)

When you have scripts for any services, please email support@insiderealestate.com  with your request and we will be happy to assist you.

Tracking conversions on Kunversion sites uses the signup button from when the lead encounters the registration popup. There is no confirmation URL or Query String Parameter that you can target. If you provide us with the correct conversion code, we can attach it to the registration button for triggering at the appropriate time.

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