The Agent Call Report lets you track ' Calls to make ' that were completed by your agents. This can allow you to correlate your metrics of who is closing more, or is making the most progress with their database.  For example, if you have someone who is marking all of their calls as completed, and is not doing well, and someone who has fewer completed but is a superstar, you can conclude that there are some possible issues. Either they are marking calls as completed when they are not, or perhaps they need phone skills coaching.

The Agents Call Report can be accessed via the Broker Dashboard.

1. Hover over Agents.

2. Scroll down and click on Agents Call Report.

Report Key:

Total Calls Made: Total number of completed 'Calls to make.'

Connected: Number of 'Connected' call dispositions.

Did Not Connect: Number of 'Not Home' call dispositions.

Invalid Numbers: Number of 'Bad #' call dispositions.

Scheduled Calls Made/Missed: Number of 'calls to make' which were scheduled by the agent themselves, not the system.

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