What do I blog about?

Blogging in Kunversion+ is designed in such a way that it takes care of a few things at once. You don't need to have a grand strategy really. Just blog about anything that's relative to your market or local area. You have so many options for posting, it could be about a new office listing, new restaurant in town, etc. Literally anything. Do you get any newsletters from the local board? You could re-hash them if you wanted to. A good rule of thumb, is to always make sure to have the city or area name in the title of your blog post. Like these Agents, who get a nice chunk of traffic to their site every year:

Whatever you do, don't copy & paste information. Copying another blog or other information will merely duplicate something that already exists, and Google finds that kind of information worthless.

Additionally, if you do happen to copy and paste into your blog post, be sure to not paste images. Use the image adder button in the editor to add images that way, or they will not publish properly in the blog post.

How often should you blog?

It doesn't have to be that often, really. Twice a month is probably okay depending what you write about. There's no limit to blogging either so if you get really into it, you might find yourself posting at least once a week. Some people post every day.

Probably the biggest bonus to blogging is that a copy of the latest blog post on your site is included in all of the HTML emails that Kunversion+ sends out to leads. This does a great job at maintaining a professional appearance to your leads. Especially the ones on long term emails such as with Past Clients. You can keep them on a kind of newsletter like this, without havig to send a separate email. Nice.

Does blogging generate leads?

It can generate leads indirectly. But really, you're not relying on blogs to generate leads. You just want to blog as often as you feel like it. The point of blogging is to generate content for your site over time, and also to give you a high-end reputation in the eyes of these leads. There are features built into blogs that will direct random, organic visitors to your subdomain, where if they register they will be assigned to you. But, it will not re-assign leads to you. Meaning, if another Agents' lead visits your blog, they cannot be "stolen" per-se. Please keep this in mind before putting a custom text code in your blog. If someone else's lead sees that, your code is going to send text inquiries to the other agent!

How do I blog?

When you write a blog, it shows up on your subdomain as well as your agencies website. All you need to do is post it.

Key Blogging Tips:

  • Don't copy and Paste from Microsoft Word. You can write your copy in a word processor, and save it as a .txt file. Then you can re-open it using Notepad. Copying text out of Notepad is un-formatted, and will cause the least amount of issues to deal with.

  • Pressing Enter will start a new paragraph. Pressing Shift+Enter will start a new Line.

  • Don't format text in a word processor, and copy the formatted text into the blog. The results will not typically match. If you're adept at HTML you can fix the issues, if you have no idea what HTML is, just type your post directly into the blog screen in Kunversion+.

  1. Log into your agent dashboard, and under Quick Actions select the Blog Option

2. This takes you to the blog page. You need to specify a Title and the body of the post itself. Note, the title will have a pre-filled date/time stamp in it. Make sure you delete it!

Note: There is a 65,000 Character Limit within each blog post.(Not Words, Characters)

3. When you finish writing a simple blog, look below the body and you'll see the following controls:

Save Blog - This saves the blog post as a draft, it does not get published to the website.

Publish Blog + Don't Update Post Time - This typically makes an edit to an existing blog. It will not change the date the blog was posted.

Publish Blog + Update Post Time - This makes an edit to the blog and changes the date the blog was posted. If you want to go back and make a major announcement or update on a old blog, this is pretty useful.

When posting a new blog, either Publish button will post the blog to the website.

The Auto Publish Feature will post the blog at the specified time. Simply select a date/time when you're done writing your post, and click 'Update Autopost Time' to set the timer.

Whenever you have a draft or pending blog post, OR if you want to edit an old post, look for the controls to open old blogs on the upper right of the posting section:


Advanced Blogging Features

There are two main features with advanced blogging:

  • Searches can be auto linked

  • You can embed Searches or Listings, or insert Custom HTML

These are two things you need to choose between. Either the system will auto-link Searches out of the plain text information that you post, or you can edit the code of the post/embed special items such as Listings or Searches. The reason it's either/or is a technical one. Basically, if we tried to auto-link searches after you customized the Code of the blog, things would catch fire.

Auto-Linking Searches happens automatically. At the bottom of your Kunversion+ site there is a list of areas. Any time you type in one of those areas with the exact same punctuation/spelling, the system "sees" it and links the City or Area name to homes for sale in that area.

For example:

See how this post has the areas 'Nyack' and 'Palisades' as links? There's nothing special in this blog apart from the links here. The blogger did not actually create these links, they were inserted by the system because 'Nyack' and 'Palisades' are areas listed on the site at the bottom.

Embedding a Listing

Blogging about a property is always an easy thing to do. As such, it's possible to enhance that pratice by allowing you to embed a listing into the blog post. Typically when people blog about properties, you use the property address as the title of the blog post.

After you enter your copy, you can embed a clickable image of a property that looks nice. All you need is the MLS number of that listing. If it is not an active listing in the MLS, you'll have to upload your own photo to the post. It's recommended that you type out at least one paragraph before embedding the lisitng, so that your 'Blog Preview' on emails look good.

1. Type at least 1 paragraph.
2. Click on the Listing Link button:

3. Enter the MLS# for the property you wish to embed:

This will insert a funky code:

Once this is posted, a nice picture of the listing will be embedded.

Searches can also be embedded into blogs. It provides a grid of results that match the search you specify. It's usually a good idea to put your search nearer the end of the blog post. Kind of like a "By the way, here are the latest homes on the market near this thing, etc., etc.

You can only embed a 'Quick Search' which are the search tools that show at the top of your Kunversion+ site, on the advanced options on the left. The reason for this, is that you always want to be able to return results. Too narrow of a criteria and you have a broken blog post.

1. Enter at least a paragraph of information before entering a search. This will ensure your blog preview looks good on emails.
2. Open a new tab, and do a Quick Search at the top of your Kunversion+ site:

3. Once you have your search results, copy the URL from the address bar:

4. Click on the Listing Embed Icon and paste your Quick Search URL:

5.This will enter a funky code into your blog post:

After you publish your post, here is what it may look like:

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