Once you start creating hashtags for your contacts, you'll find that they are useful for organization. Hashtags are like folders that you can put people into. You can also use them for filtering. 

There are a few ways you can use hashtags for organization.

The Hashtag List

This list houses all of your hashtags in one place, so you can browse them. Clicking on each hashtag will show you all of the contacts with that particular hashtag assigned.

The refresh button you see can be used if you encounter any issues with your list. Rarely, you may need to manually refresh your list if you just added a hashtag and it is not yet showing.

The Dual-Hashtag Filter

When you are reviewing a list of leads, you will see that you can filter by more than one hashtag at a time. This is really useful if you take full advantage of hashtagging, you can create unique lists of leads by using two hashtags at once. 

Click on a hashtag from the main list on the left, then look to the right to filter by an additional hashtag. The resulting list will be only the leads that contain both hashtags:

After selecting an additional hashtag, you will see your dual-tag filter at the top of the list.


The Hashtag Manager

On a lead/contact details page, you will see as part of their summary a field that shows you all of their assigned hashtags. 

Clicking on the little x next to each one will remove that hashtag from their record. You can also click into the blank space to add a previously created hashtag to that lead/contact.

After a tag is added, click outside of the box to save your changes.

Assigning a hashtag to multiple contacts at once

You can mass-assign hashtags to any group of contacts in Kunversion+.

1. Open a list. Navigate to an existing lead status, or filter of your choosing.

2. Click on the 'select all' box.

3. Scroll to the bottom of your list, and click the 'hashtags' button.

4. In the dialog box that pops up, start entering the hashtags you want to assign. Even though you did not select everyone in a list of more than 50 contacts, you'll see here that you can opt to assign the hashtags to the entire list that you were viewing by ticking the checkbox to 'include all.'

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