The sell page on your Kunversion+ website is another lead capture tool. It's a great end point to any calls to action that you could use in advertising, or even drip campaigns.

It's not meant to be super accurate, though we use third party data services to try to get as much of an accurate analysis as possible. It's basically the same process as using the CMA Builder .

Customizing the sell page

As far as customizing the sell page, your primary customization is going to come from the Team/Admin Settings Page .

Option 41: Ask for Unit # on Sell Page - This adds an extra field to the sell page address box for unit number. It's not ideal to add fields to any signup form for lead capture, but if your market area is mostly condos and apartments, you may need this.

Option 51: Sell Page YouTube Video   - This embeds a youtube video of your choice onto your sell page. It appears right underneath your website title bar.

When adding a youtube video, be sure to only copy the video ID!

How should the sell page be used?

  • You could use it in Landing Pages as an endpoint. For more information, check out our Advertising Tips .

  • Be sure to handle your potential sellers appropriately. In order to take advantage of the number of leads this tool can capture, you have to be in sync with expectations. Scripting ideas can be found here .

  • Use your drip campaigns to include a call to action for your lead to visit the sell page to get a valuation.Most homeowners need to sell !

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