In Kunversion+, you can use our CMA builder to put together a professional looking valuation using 3rd party data services that we offer to you at no additional charge.

When potential sellers use the sell page on your site, they get a CMA if they register with their contact information.

What does the CMA look like? Here is an example.

How to generate a CMA

Find the CMA Builder, and fill out the fields. You can generate a certain number of CMA's per month, for free.

Once the CMA is generated, save the file to your computer.

Printing CMAs

When Printing the CMA, be sure to print directly from a PDF program, and verify the header image lines up with the edges of the page. Set the margins to none, or zoom to over 100% if necessary.

CMA Additional Information

  • Current listings, historical sales, and recent similar sales all play a role in the estimates.

  • The header of the doc uses a homepage photo that is configured on your broker dashboard.

  • The elements of the header, apart from the background image are not editable.

  • The data in the document that references historical, past, recent sales is based on a price, and type + radius calculation using the listing that the CMA pertains to as its center.

  • CMA must be of a home that's in an area covered by the MLS(es) on your site.

  • CMAs are (for now) stored on our amazon server. So long as you keep the email link, you can re-download it after it's generated.

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