Zillow Tech Connect allows you to automatically send all of your Zillow and Trulia leads to Kunversion. You should use Zillow Tech Connect instead of Email Imports to send leads from Zillow to Kunversion.

Are your K+ leads ending up in your Zillow inbox where you don't want them?

Zillow imports leads from your email. Click here to see where it can be turned off.

Setup ZTC (Zillow Tech Connect)

1. Log into Premier Agent at https://premieragent.zillow.com/crm/agentlogin/.
2. Find your photo on the upper right and navigate to 'Settings:'

3. In the left menu, click 'Connect to My CRM,' then click the link in the middle to continue:

4. On this CRM Connect page, click 'Add Partner':

5. Select the option for Inside Real Estate:

6. Paste your Zillow Tech Connect ID from your profile on your settings page or embed page and click 'Save.'
(Your ID will look like agent-xxxx. Click on your main menu in K+ at the upper right corner of the dashboard to access your settings or embed page.)

Admins - remember to copy the key for the routing you want to occur. In the admin dashboard, the ZTC key copied from the embed page will route Zillow leads to everyone on your team. In the agent dashboard, clicking on 'Embed' from the main menu on the upper right and copying that key will route Zillow leads only to that dashboard.

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