A landing page is a customizable full-page advertisement that you can build to accomplish pretty much any ad strategy you have in mind. All of the leads captured are delivered directly into your K+ database.

How to access Landing Pages

Begin by navigating to the landing page generator in your left hand navigation menu

On the following page, click 'Build New Landing Page' at the upper right hand side.

This opens up a new page you can start customizing. When you save your page later, it will be stored in this list so you can find the link and track the statistics of the pages you created and posted in advertisements or social media posts.

Landing Page Types

Starting at the top left, you have to choose what kind of page you want to build.

Each page type represents a different kind of landing page functionality. For example, if you simply want to provide information like a sign on the street, or if you want people to see a video, that will dictate which one you choose.

Below, we will first outline the main features or functions of each page type, then show you how to build a page afterwards.

Lead Generation

This page type is your standard. It primarily provides two fields where people can insert their email and phone number, and a button to submit it.

You have the option of sending that person to another page using the 'URL After Login' field at the top.

What this means, is that after someone enters at least an email and clicks on the orange button, they are re-directed to a URL of your choice. It could be a squeeze page or even a page that has nothing to do with your K+ site.

Another option on this page type is to specify a hashtag.

If a lead is captured off of this page, it will be added to K+ with the hashtag you specified. The hashtag you specify here takes precedence. So, if you were to forward leads from this landing page to say, a squeeze page that shows a list of properties, and that squeeze page has a different hashtag, that hashtag will be ignored because the lead would already have been captured by the landing page.

Another feature of this page type is to require a phone number.

This will force any potential leads to enter a phone number before they can continue past the button at the bottom. Studies have shown this type of practice to be detrimental to lead generation. However, should you word your advertisements to mention that a good number is necessary, then requiring a phone number makes sense. The true success of landing pages is being honest with your potential leads. If they get what they expect to get, you will generate many more leads.

Video View

This page loads your content as well as a video that starts playing when the page loads. You can set it to automatically take that user to another page using the 'URL After Video' option.

If the click the button at the bottom they could skip the video and continue on to that URL.

A YouTube video ID is required in order to load a video onto the page.

To get a video ID, open your video on YouTube and copy the ID after the V= in the URL.

Video + Lead

This page combines the functionality of both the Lead Generation page and the Video View page. So, you can have a video landing page that uses a hashtag as well as a lead signup form. In addition, you can also require a phone number.

Content Hijack

This page allows you to perform a classic marketing tactic, where you offer something that someone wants in your ad, but when they click on the add, you offer them something else instead. (However, you still give them the option for what they thought they were getting.)

So, to accomplish this, you have a 'URL that you want' which is what the lead will be taken to if they click the orange button. 

As well as the 'URL they want' if they click the link that says 'No thanks.'

Text Lead

A simple page that is designed for mobile use.

You can create a custom text code, then use it in this landing page for a mobile ad.

If the user taps the button, it opens up a text message compose window with your smart number in it.

Address Capture

This kind of lets you build your own sell page. All you do is specify the hashtag you want the seller lead to have if they get captured.

When a potential lead selects their address from the field below, they will automatically be redirected to your /sell.php page to enter their email address in order to receive a valuation. 

This allows you to effectively sell someone on your prowess as a listing agent, giving you all the ability to put what you want on the page, the background, etc. 


Facebook Chat

The call to action on this page uses your facebook username to create a 'chat with me' button.

If you are always on FB messenger, this is a great way to connect with fb users.

Be sure to check the that the facebook button works like you expect it to before you start advertising the page. Have someone else open your landing page and click the button to start a chat with you.

Customizing Your Page

When customizing your landing page, there is a basic 1-2 rule to follow.

1. Customize all your options up top, from landing type to your background image. Start from left to right.

2. Customize your text on the page. Just click on the text on the page to change it.


  • You can remove elements by double clicking them. If you delete an element by accident, you can refresh your page. The settings up top will remain, but all the text in the middle will be reset.

  • When using a custom image, try to select an image that is relevant! For example, if you are circle prospecting a neighborhood, you should find a picture of a neighborhood somewhere and use that image.

  • If you find an image somewhere, you can right-click it, and copy the image URL (or location) and paste that into the custom image prompt.

  • Want to setup listing alerts automatically for certain kinds of landing pages? You can.

Saving Your Page

After everything looks good to you, click save on the upper right:

This finalizes the page, and the URL at the top becomes permanent.

You will be prompted to give your landing page a name to identify it in the list of pages you create.

After your page is saved, if you click the green share icon, you can start posting that page to facebook, and boosting it from your business page, or any of the other social icons you see.

Views & Click-Thrus Counter

On the main list of landing pages, you will see all of the ones you've made.

Views -  A view is triggered whenever someone sees the landing page on their computer or device.
Click-Thrus - A click-thru is registered when they click on a button on the page.

These figures enable you to gauge the 'signup' rate of your landing page. Divide the total number of views by the total number of click-thrus to get the rate.

Generally speaking, anything above 6-7% is fairly normal. If your rates are lower than that, then it indicates an issue with who you are showing the page to, or where it is being posted, or maybe the subject matter of the page itself. Using this information you can make adjustment to these variables and improve your signup rate!


Bonus Video Instructions

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