The different Lead Types you can find in the Agent Dashboard or around the system all are determined by what kind of information we have to identify that contact.

Agent Dashboard Lead Types

Sphere   - People you know, who may or may not be interested in real estate.

New Lead   - Someone who signed up on your site, or you have added that is showing signs of buying or selling.

Active Lead   - Someone is is actively searching for a house or wanting to list.

Client   - Someone you are working actively with, processing paperwork, showing homes, etc.

Contract   - Normally, a client that you have who has entered a formal agreement or who you are tracking in a transaction (via Dotloop or some other TMS.)

Closed   - After their home purchase is complete, these Clients/Contracts should be marked as Closed.

Archived   - People you don't intend to communicate with. Kind of like a trash bin.

Actively Searching - Leads which have been created or have visited your Kunversion website within the past 90 days.

Not Searching - Leads who have not been to your Kunversion site in over 90 days.

Seller Leads - Leads that have at some point submitted their info on the sell.php page of your Kunversion site. Or, leads which have a complete set of 'Seller Info' in their profile tab.

Valuation Attempts - Leads that are only addresses. These are people who requested a property valuation on the sell.php page of your Kunversion site, but never followed through with submitting their personal information.

Phone Leads - These are lead records which are very similar to 'normal' leads. Except, instead of having an email address, they only have a phone number.

Text Leads - These leads were captured when they sent a text message to the smart number. They are different than phone leads because they show a 'Type' which indicates how they were captured.

Invalid Leads - These Leads have absolutely no valid or real contact information, and therefore cannot log in to the site.

Unsubscribed Leads - These leads have unsubscribed (either themselves, or they were unsubscribed by their email service provider) from automated communications. They will not be able to see listing photos or some other functions until they re-subscribe.


Broker Dashboard Lead Types

Recent Leads - These are sorted by when they were last active on your website viewing properties.

Buyer Leads -  This is your primary lead list, which includes all leads.

Seller Leads - These are leads that specifically have seller information entered into their profile. It is possible for Sellers to browse properties on your website.

Mortgage Leads - These are leads that have a lender assigned to them. You can add lenders to Kunversion by clicking 'Mortgage' at the top.

Text Leads - These are Phone Number based leads that were captured by sending a text, typically as a result of seeing some sign or print advertising that utilized the smart number/custom text codes.  MLS means they were captured from texting an MLS number. App means they texted a custom code or some other information.

Phone Leads - This is a log of phone numbers that have called into your Smart Number. Outbound means one of your Agents called that person. The number on the left is clickable.

Outbound Calls - These are all of the Phone Calls scheduled by the system as a result of lead actions or scheduled by your Agents as a result of setting up a reminder.

Information Request - On your website leads can request information on a property. Any recent requests will display here.

Showing Request - On your website leads can request a showing for a property. Any recent requests will display here.

Valuation Attempts - These are all the physical address leads that attempted to get a home valuation from your sell page, but never registered as a lead.

Import Leads - You may import leads from another system into Kunversion if that system is offline. (You don't want to email leads from two different systems as you'll be blacklisted in short order and hurt our ability to deliver mail.) If you require a custom import, please email .

Export Leads - You can export your Kunversion database to a file or you can reverse-market your database based on your leads listing history.

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