Since your K+ account is synced to Google, we can use Google Drive with K+ to store files you might need for each of your leads, possibly reducing the need for trying to sync your important files across different systems.

Google Drive can be used on pretty much any device or computer you own. It makes sense that you  might want to easily be able to easily access and/or store important files or documents for your clients.

The file upload tool in K+ automatically names and uploads your files so that you can easily find them later, and a link in your K+ dashboard will allow you to quickly access those files without having to search for them.

How To Add Files

Begin by opening any lead in K+. Navigate to the files tab at the top center of the lead's page.

The interface in the middle of the screen says to drag and drop a file onto the page, or click to select a file to upload. 

Adding the file here uploads it directly to the Google Drive account my K+ is synced to.

Over to the upper right hand side, you'll see a 'View Files' button which will open your Google Drive account.

When you're following this button to the Google Drive page, it will load whichever Google Drive account you are currently logged into. So, if your K+ account is synced to a Google account other than what you are currently logged into, then you will not see your files. You must be logged into the right account. If you use multiple Google accounts, we would suggest using a separate Google profile in Chrome for all of your K+ access to Google. More info can be found here.

The view files button acts as a shortcut that loads a search into your Google Drive.

The file upload tool adds all files with a prefix to the file name: "Kunversion-leadname."

When you are out away from your computer, you can use the Google Drive app on your device at any time, just search for Kunversion- with your lead's name (or just your lead's name) and it will find all of the files you may be looking for. 

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