Hashtags are folders and/or labels that you can assign leads to.

The more hashtags you use to organize your leads and contacts, the better. You can organize people for different reasons. The more you use them the more of an advantage you would have.

For example, if you are marking someone based on if they are #creditrepair, and don't talk to them for awhile, when they generate activity for you to followup on in a month or so, you will easily remember their situation. Or, if you use unique hashtags for the ads you run, you can have those leads automatically assigned to special drip campaigns that are designed for the ads you create.

Start labeling people for all kinds of reasons. It will help you build lists that you can work on to follow up with people on specific topics. The specificity is critical, because they tend to generate more relevant conversations more often than not. There are all kinds of features in the system that can also be leveraged in the system. So, being detailed in your organization will allow you to leverage those tools in the future.

Hashtag ideas (situation, desires, important notes):

  • investor

  • rehab

  • rental

  • creditrepair

  • grant

  • usda

  • fhaloan

  • lenderconsult

  • rentalowner (for those rentals in pipeline who may convert someday)

  • milsuite (mother in law suite),

  • rvpark (needing room for an rv)

  • valoan

  • You can also hashtag zips as long as the hash starts with a letter (z10990)

  • subareas

  • neighborhoods

  • architecture styles

  • justlooking

  • firsttime

  • contacted

  • needphone

  • needemail

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