Canned responses are also known as email templates. Templates can be used in smart campaigns (campaign actions), mass emails, and anywhere else an email may be sent. Although they are mostly used for emails, you can create separate text message templates as well for text actions.

How To Create A Template

Hover over the Marketing tab from the main navigation on the left side. Then select 'Smart Campaigns'.

Click on the 'Templates' tab.

On the right, click '+ Add Template' and select the email (or text/SMS) option.

This gives you the panel to create an email template. 

The SMS template option is similar, except much simpler because text messages only contain text. There's no real formatting to include, just template name, scope, and the content. You cannot really create MMS (picture) templates, but the ability to send listing photos inside of text messages is possible when you are sending text messages from the Smart CRM.

Template Name - Give your template a unique name so you can find it in the future by searching.

Template Scope - As an admin, select the scope that can "see" this template. For example, setting the scope to an office will share that template with that entire office.


Basic Template Merge Tags - Use Merge Tags to insert placeholders that will auto-populate with data when the email is sent.


Advanced Templates 

You can click on the advanced template button to switch to the advanced email editor. This will allow you to create HTML-based emails that can be designed with images, colors, videos, and more.

If you click on the advanced button, anything you entered into the default/basic editor will be wiped out when the advanced editor is loaded.

To learn more about the advanced email editor, click here.

How To Send A Template Email/Canned Response

Initiate an email using any method. Using the quick actions menu for this example, click 'More Actions' then select 'Send Email'.


In the send modal (pop-up) search for the template you created or want to use in the 'Template' section.

There are two template types.

 The basic (pencil) icon denotes a basic template. Clicking on a basic template while on the advanced editor will wipe out everything in your advanced editor and load the basic editor with the selected template.

The advanced (masonry tile) icon denotes an advanced template. Choosing an advanced template will overwrite anything you have entered into the advanced editor.

With your template selected, be sure to fill in the info needed to send.

  • Contact to send to.

  • Email subject (to the right of the template selection.) This is usually filled in automatically when selecting a template.

  • MLSID (for dynamic content or merge tags.) The MLS ID is needed for the email to populate with listing information. MLS ID will only display to be filled in if it is required.

After your template has been selected and your fields filled out, you can send using the green button on the bottom left.

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