Anywhere you can initiate a dialer call you can schedule calls.

For example, if you click 'Add Call' in the quick actions menu.

Or, if you are viewing a contact, if they have a phone number in their profile,

There are many places where you will see links to call in your activity stream, or the handset icons in your Smart CRM. All of these links and buttons open the same calling pop-up. There will always be a tab to schedule calls on that pop-up:

On the schedule call tab, you'll be able to setup your future calls with the following controls:


Note - This note will appear on the contact's timeline, as well as in the call summary in your tasks list.

Call Date - The date you want the call scheduled.

Call Time - If you sync this call task to Google (using the sync option) the call will be added to your calendar at the specified time.

Sync with Google - Turn on to add this call to your Google Calendar at the specified date/time.

Repeat Calls - If you want to schedule this call more than once, turn this on.

# of repeat calls - If repeat calls is toggled on, specify how many calls you want to schedule.

Over - Specify what period of time you want your calls to be scheduled. The calls will be as evenly spaced as possible.


All of your scheduled calls will appear alongside other calls created by kvCORE


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