Search Alerts are critical to the successful conversion of your contacts into closings. Something that everyone is familiar with is getting your new or existing contacts set up on searches so that they will continue to visit your website to review new and updated properties that match their interests.

The key of course is matching their interests. Something that can be difficult to figure out if you get a new contact from an ad. You will have to review their details and figure out what they are looking at to determine what kind of ad they came from.

However, if you are running ads via Squeeze Pages or Landing Pages, and are leveraging hashtags, one very simple solution is to connect those hashtags for those ads to pre-built Search Alerts that can be automatically assigned as soon as those new leads are filed into your kvCORE Smart CRM. This means that you will definitely want to use different hashtags for your different advertisements that cover different areas. It will save you a lot of work!

Where To Find Hashtag Search Alerts

First, open the Marketing tab from the main navigation.

Then, click on 'Learn More' in the 'Search Alerts' tile.

Scroll down to the 'Auto Assigned Search Alerts' section.

How To Configure Auto-Assignment via Hashtags

Click on the green '+ Create Alert' button.

There are three basic steps to configuring the alert:

1. Global Settings

  • Hashtags - Choose a Hashtag that the alert will connect to. Alerts will be setup automatically for all contacts with that hashtag that do not already have an alert. It will only apply the Search Alert to leads that have the Hashtag added, not to leads that already have the hashtag.

  • Scope - Choose the scope that this rule will apply to. ALL contacts within the selected scope will be affected. For example, if an Office Admin sets the scope to their Office, all of the contacts assigned and owned by all of the Agents in that Office will be affected.

2. Alert Settings

  • The search parameters you can set here mirror what searches you can already set up when viewing a contact. For more information about the various search options you can set, click here.

3. Save

  • Click the green 'Add Alert' button to save it.

When a new lead is created, and there are no Search Alerts set for it, and if they match your hashtag Search Alert rules, they will have the alert set for them by end of the day.

Editing Or Deleting Rules

If the rule was created within your scope, you can edit or delete it using the controls to the right of each listed item.

The scope is indicated in the 'Scope' column. So, if you encounter a rule that needs adjusting, contact the Administrator for that scope/entity to change it.

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