1. Use search filters to narrow your listing results.

  2. Use the quick search box to quickly find listings using specific information; city/address/MLS ID/listing agent.

  3.  Select the database to search between the MLS, manually entered listings, or sold properties (if your MLS allows).

MLS vs. Manual Listings

In kvCORE listings you enter manually are kept separate from listings in the IDX feed. When searching for listings, by default, MLS is always selected. However, it is important to note that any manual listings you are looking for will need to be searched for separately.

Search Filter

The search filter has all of the search parameters used to find listings that you would normally see on your kvCORE website.

Some of these filters use 'AND' logic and some use 'OR' logic. What this means is that certain combinations of search terms will never return any results. Therefore, if you are searching for a group of listings, and you are certain there should be results, chances are you are searching for a combination of options that is not possible.

For example, if you search for a listing agent by name, and draw an area on the map where that listing agent has no properties, you are not asking to search for all listings by this agent, OR all listings in this drawn area. You are searching for all listings by this agent AND in this drawn area. Therefore, you would never see any search results.

For some options, you can search using OR logic. These options are generally multi-select. For example, property types, you can select more than one at a time. This is telling the filter to find all listings matching condos OR multi-family:

Listing Ownership

The first filter you can select is listing ownership. Simply toggle the switch to limit the overall search to:

  • All - All listings in the MLS' IDX feed(s) that you have access to.

  • My Listings - All listings on which you are the listing or co-listing agent in the MLS' IDX feed(s) that you have access to.

  • Agency Listings - All listings belonging to the company which you are working under in the MLS' IDX feed(s) that you have access to.

Please Note: If you are a member of a Team within kvCORE you will also have the ability to filter by Team Listings.


Listing Agent

To filter by the listing agent(s) start entering text into the field and choose the name you are searching for. You may select more than one, making this an OR search option.


Location is an AND criteria, meaning all the listing results must match the areas you choose. Here you can do one of two things.

You can search by typing in the names of areas (you can select more than one of anything that pops up), and then selecting them:

OR you can draw on the map. If you elect to draw on the map, it will erase any towns you selected in the text field.

  • Click the blue 'Draw On Map' button and begin by narrowing down your area using the search box at the top.

  • Then, click the green 'Draw Area' button.

  • Mouse over to where you want to start drawing and click once. This sets down the first corner or point of the shape you are making.

  • Move your mouse to the next 'corner' of the shape, then click once. 

  • Keep doing this until you return to the first point you clicked.

SqFt. Min., Acres Min., Year Built, Beds, Baths

These search criteria are all similar in the sense that you only select one value for each - a minimum value. There will be no maximum range since the upper range of these values will be limited by things such as price, area, style, or other criteria. These are AND criteria, meaning the listing results of your search MUST match all of the values you select or enter. 

  • SqFt Min - Interior square footage. Generally speaking, this will be the entire habitable space. If you are not sure which square footage value has been chosen from your MLS, you can cross-reference the value for SqFt being displayed on your kvCORE website.

  • Acres Min - This value generally references the lot size of a listing.

  • Year Built - Choose the minimum year to search. There is no maximum.

  • Beds & Baths - Some MLSes offer fractional numbers for their listing data. If you are searching for 1 and 3/4 baths or 1.75 baths, choose 1+.

Property Type, Style

These options are OR options within each other. This means that for example, I could select 'Ranch' and 'Colonial' from within 'Style' and my search results will be limited to properties that match 'Ranch' OR 'Colonial.' I could also select 'Multi-Family' and 'Condo' at the same time in the property type field. All of the results would have to match at least one value from both fields.

General Options, Financial Options, Structural Options, Rental Options

These listing filter options are somewhat complex as they don't necessarily rely on one specific MLS field for each option. You might notice, for example, the 'Fixer Upper' option in the 'General Options' list. Not all MLS' provide this data. However, it's possible to find fixer-upper properties based on the description of the property or combinations of words from other fields.

In the case of 'fixer-upper,' we look for the following language included in the property description to identify if that listing is probably a fixer-upper.
 'fixer up', 'fixer-upper', 'fixup', 'handy man',
'handyman', 'needs work', 'needs-work', 'handy-man',
'needs tlc', 'needs t.l.c.', 'as-is', ' sold as is',
'.as is.', ' as is.' , ' asis ', ' asis.', 'fixer home',
'needs repair'

You can select any combination of options, but be aware that selecting obvious conflicts will return no results. Like, 'fixer upper' and 'newly built' would likely return zero results, but 'Just Listed' and 'fixer upper' would return listings that have been listed recently as fixer-uppers.

The search results for these fields are AND meaning that each item must match the listing results.


Keywords are an interesting option that allows to you directly reference a specific field in the IDX data feed to filter by.

A field is the 'Label' that you assign specific features to. For example, in one MLS when entering a listing, one of the dropdown options one would pick for the 'Hot Water' specification is 'Geothermal.' After entering the listing into the MLS and it's fed to the internet, those property websites receive that data, kind of like 'Hot Water = Geothermal.' That's how the website can list the hot water type online.

In the keywords field, you may be able to search for 'Geothermal' or 'Hot Water' and find the specific option you want to add to my listing filter.

These keywords are all AND options. Only the listings that match the specified keywords will show in your search results.

Filtered Results

Click the green 'Apply Filters' button at the bottom of the page to reveal the search results.

When your results are filtered, the filter button at the top left of the list turns green, and the text changes to 'Filters Applied.' There is also a button to 'Clear' filters which can be clicked to instantly reset the list to its default state.



The quick search is a very fast way to filter out exactly what you're looking for, provided you know the information offhand. You can search for one thing at a time, with the exception of MLS ID's which may be separated out by column.

In the search bar, you may type: 

  • City

  • Listing agent name. You cannot search for partial names. Start with a first name, then enter the last name. If there is a middle initial in the name in the database you will need to include it before getting to the last name.

  • MLS ID - Separate more than one ID with a comma. This will produce a specific list of properties.

  • You may also search property addresses. Unlike listing agent names, you can search for a partial address. 


Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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