To send one or more listings, navigate to the listings tab in kvCORE.

Note - You can use filters to find the properties you want to send. For more information on Listing Filters click here.

Once you've filtered out your listing you can begin choosing the ones you would like to send. Use the select boxes on the far left to choose. The top selection box will select all properties in the list that you can see. 

You can change the size of the list on the upper right corner to select more at once.

With the properties selected, click on the text button at the top center of the list.

All you have to enter is which contact to text, and alter the body of your text. This text also leverages the {property_link} merge tag. Edit the message you want to send but do not change the curly brackets or any of the text in between them.

You do not need to manually enter the MLS ID. Though, entering the MLS ID will attach a photo to the text message.

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