If you want to run a TV display at an open house, or at your office that presents a slideshow of listings, you can create a lobby listing display.

The settings of a listing display will determine which listings are shown and at what interval as well as any transitional content between each listing. For example, after each listing is shown a video or image will be displayed before the next listing is shown.

To Set Up a Lobby Listing Display:

1. Log in to your account.

2. From the dashboard, select 'Lobby Listing Display' from the 'Manage Company' menu at the top.

3. In the list, there is a sample lobby listing display. Click on 'View' to the right to see what it looks like if you are looking for an example.

4. When you're ready to create your lobby listing, click the 'Create a New Lobby Display' button.

5. Name your new Listing Display.

6. Adjust settings as desired (Font colors, display speed, information to be displayed, etc.) Review the default listing display to get a better idea of the settings offered. Remember that you can always view your listing display and adjust it before actually using it.

7. Below the settings, you'll see the ability to set additional media. You can add images or YouTube video links. This media can be shown on the listing display, in between each listing. Click add media and input YouTube URL or upload image file and name the uploaded media.

8. Once media is added, you can select it to add it to the listing slideshow.

You can click on the name of each item in the list to preview it. The preview for videos that is shown on the left can be clicked on to view it on YouTube.

Additionally, you can select how many listings will display before your transitional media is shown.

9. Save the Listing Display at the bottom of the page.'

10. You will see your new Display with View, Edit, and Delete options.

To use it on your display, you can right click the 'View' link and copy the URL.

Then, open that link on the computer to which the display is connected. Usually, you can press the 'F11' key to make the webpage 'fullscreen.'

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