Using API Tokens in kvCORE allows you to give your individual vendors the ability to integrate directly with your kvCORE account. This is especially helpful when integrating with an outside lead source and having those new leads flow directly into kvCORE. You can also use it to push your profile information and subdomain to an outside vendor as well.

Please Note: You will need to work closely with your vendor in order to properly utilize an API Token. kvCORE provides you with up to three tokens to use, but your vendor will need to set the integration up on their end. Inside Real Estate cannot assist with this.

Generating an API Token

In order to generate a token you will first log into your kvCORE account.

  1. Click 'Lead Engine' from the main navigation.

  2. Click on 'Lead Dropbox'.

  3. You may have to scroll down in order to see the 'My API Tokens' box.

  4. Check the box for the type of token you need: Contacts or User.

  5. Click Generate.

Once the token has been generated your page will automatically refresh and the token will appear at the top of the 'My API Tokens' box.

You can then copy the token and provide it to your desired vendor for them to set up the integration. Each token will remain active for a year from the date it was generated. At the end of the year, you will need to generate a new token and provide that to your vendor so they can switch the original for the new one.

The 'Contacts; option will allow them to sync your contact data from kvCORE to their system and sync your contact data from their system to kvCORE.

The 'User' option will allow them to pull your user profile data and subdomain into their system.

Deleting an API Token

In order to delete a token simply navigate back to Lead Dropbox and click on the 'x' option to the right of the token.

Please Note: This is a "soft delete" of the token, meaning the token will be removed from your limit of three while still remaining active. You will need to work with your vendor to remove the token from their system.

TIP: If you need to generate more than three tokens you can soft delete one and generate a new token. Simply click the "x" button to the right of the token and confirm you would like to delete it. Deleted tokens will still remain active for a year so you can generate the token, save it outside of kvCORE, and then delete it to make room for more tokens.

Using an API Token

Different vendors will work with API Tokens differently and some may not use them at all, so you will need to speak with them in order to confirm if passing data to or from kvCORE and your vendor's system is a viable option.

The API Token allows for existing data from your vendor to be pushed into kvCORE, but your vendor will need to set this up along with the trigger for passing new data through.

Currently, there is no way to push or pull more data fields than those that are already listed:

Contacts - send/receive contacts data (name, email, phone, etc...)

Users - send/receive profile information (name, email, signature) and website subdomain

If you believe there is an issue with the data your token is passing through, please contact your vendor to confirm that it is still active on their end.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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