There are three locations to where a phone number is automatically populated to your kvCORE website.

Number/Address Locations

  1. At the top of the site, on all pages except the home page (Number only):

2. On the contact page, to the right of the contact form:

3. In the footer of the site, on the left.

The only option you have for your office address (controlled by your office admin) is to show or hide it from your contact page completely. This option is found in website settings, under the banner options. If set to yes, both the office address and map will be hidden from the contact page on your website.

Changing Your Number

The default setting is to use your Smart Number to populate those spaces. This is appropriate as a default because whenever leads get text messages from your system it's going to show as coming from your smart number. And when they send you a message to the smart number and you reply back, that reply comes from the smart number as well.

Regardless of what options you select, if you purchased your own smart number as an agent, your unique agent smart number will always display on your personal kvCORE website in place of any office smart number. It cannot be overridden by administrative settings.

However, you can change that number to any number of your choosing, by editing your profile.

In your profile settings you'll see an option for 'Show On Site.' When ticked, this replaces the number in all three locations to the checked number.

Note: only one number at a time can be selected to display on the site, so make sure to only have one "Show on site" Number.

Office Websites

For Office sites there is a specific setting to have your Office "Office" number displayed instead of your Office Smart Number.

On the Website settings page, find the "Use Office Number on Website Instead of Smartnumber" setting and set it to "yes" to change from the smart number to the

office number.

Even if this is set to 'YES,' if an agent has purchased their own personal smart number, that number will always display on their personal/agent domain or subdomain instead of the office smart number.

Your Office number is in your Office profile.

From your main menu, select Offices, and then edit the profile of the Office you want to update the phone number for that entity.

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