Contacts are one of the most crucial aspects of your business. Sometimes you'll have contact info such as an email address, phone number, or both. Others you'll only have access to a physical address - no worries! You can manually add contacts with any of the above to your Smart CRM using the simple steps below.

Email & Phone Contacts

From within kvCORE, click on the 'Quick Actions' menu at the top and select 'Add Contact.'

The modal will then appear, which will allow you to enter your contact's information.

Required Fields

  • First & Last Name - The contact requires both the first & last name fields.

  • Email - The contact requires an email address OR phone number.

  • Cell Phone - The contact requires an email address OR phone number. A cell phone is best since it can receive text messages from your campaigns and other tools.

  • Permission to call, text, email - These must be selected before your contact can receive communications from kvCORE. This is a record stating legally that you have asked for and gotten permission to contact this person. It's always a good idea to ask anyone when you meet them if it's alright that you contact them electronically via your website. If you do not select any of the three options, the contact is still created, but a warning modal opens, stating, “Contact not subscribed. This contact will be created, but will not be able to receive emails, calls, or text messages.” You will be able to change these permissions later!

Optional Fields

  • Lead Type - You can select one or more lead type to organize this contact. Lead types are filterable in your Smart CRM, and they can also be used to trigger smart campaigns.

  • Lead Status - You can select a status to organize this contact. Statuses are filterable in your Smart CRM, and they can also be used to trigger your smart campaigns and other automation.

  • Lead Source - You can select a lead source to organize this contact. Lead sources are filterable in your Smart CRM, and they can also be used to trigger your smart campaigns, and lead routing rules.

  • Lead Owner - The lead owner ultimately has the most control over this contact. This is mostly relevant to Admins who may be adding contacts to the system. They can set the office, team, or an Agent as the owner. The owner may be the office, but then it is routed and assigned to an Agent. 

  • Smart Campaign - If you are not relying on any of the above organizational options to automatically assign a smart campaign, you can manually pick one.

  • Add Lender - If a Lender is added to your kvCORE website, you can choose to share this contact's information with them within their kvCORE dashboard. Please note: If a Lender is added as the primary Lender in your Agent profile they will automatically be assigned to the contact.

  • CC Lender - If you add any notes at the time you are adding this contact, the CC Lender option will send a copy of those notes to the Lender added above.

  • Note - You can choose to add notes which will appear in the contact's timeline. After the contact is added you can choose to pin the note to the top of their timeline so it is always visible when you open their record in kvCORE. Tip: You can add a hashtag as a note! Use the '#' symbol in this case.

Address-Only Contacts

There are times when you won't have contact info for someone, but have their address and would like them added to your Smart CRM. In those cases, you'll want to add an address-only lead.

You can easily do this from within kvCORE. First, navigate to the Smart CRM from the main navigation on the left side. Then select '+ Add Contact' on the right.

When the 'Add Contact' modal appears, use the toggle on the top left next to 'I only have an address'

The 'Add Contact' modal will change to show the options for address-only contacts.

Please Note: Address-only contacts will have a fake/placeholder email address that ends in When you capture potential sellers who do not fully register as leads, you will also see this address attached to their address-only profile as well.

Required Fields

  • Address - An address is all that is required to add this contact type to your kvCORE database. As you start typing the address, a list of suggestions you can pick from will appear. Pick the matching address. If you do not enter any other information, kvCORE will use third-party data sources to see what it can uncover as far as the owner's name.

All other fields are optional.

Canadian Agents Only

Canadian Agents will have all of the fields above and will also have a section for CASL Consent.

Automatically CASL Consent will be marked as "Implied" and the CASL Consent Date will expire 6 months from the date the contact is added to your Smart CRM. After the 6 months have passed the contact will be unsubscribed.

Tip: Add a hashtag to manually created contacts to remind you when their consent is about to expire!

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