API Nation helps you sync data between your business applications to automate routine tasks. API Nation differs from other API platforms in the sense that there is no real "setup" involved where you have to learn many technical details. Just pick the program, easily connect and enjoy the benefits.

As an added bonus, kvCORE users enjoy free Facebook ads syncing. The new leads you generate from Facebook ads will be sent to kvCORE, automatically at no cost.

Which 3rd Party Tools Can Be Connected Using API Nation?

API Nation helps you connect kvCORE and the following 3rd party tools:

  • Facebook Lead Ads (FREE)

    • Sends FB leads to kvCORE

  • Mojo Dialer

    • Sends Moji Dialer lead data to kvCORE

  • Mailchimp

    • Sends kvCORE lead data to Mailchimp

  • Constant Contact

    • Sends kvCORE lead data to Constant Contact

  • Google Sheets

    • Sends kvCORE lead data to Google Sheets

  • BombBomb

    • Sends kvCORE lead data to BombBomb

  • BoomTown

    • Sends BoomTown lead data to kvCORE

  • Follow Up Boss

    • Sends Follow Up Boss lead data to kvCORE

  • Google Contacts

    • Sends kvCORE lead data to Google Contacts

It's important to note that these API Nation connections are 1-way.

How To Add API Nation

First, navigate to the Marketplace from the main navigation on the left-hand side of your kvCORE account. Find the API Nation tile and click 'Learn More'.

In the modal that pops up, click the green 'Add to kvCORE' button at the top right.

This will open another pop-up. Read the support and disclaimer information at the top, and then scroll down. There, you will see the different apps that can be synced to kvCORE.

Clicking into the individual integrations will show you the particular parameters and syncing options.

For example, the Facebook ads sync connects Facebook ad leads to kvCORE. After clicking on the Facebook icon, the popup will give you information about the Facebook > kvCORE sync.

You can scroll down to review an animated summary and connect your kvCORE account to API Nation.

To begin the sync enter your kvCORE login information and click 'Step 1: Connect kvCORE.'

Then, select 'enter your Facebook login credentials

Once connected, you will need to allow API Nation to access your Facebook account. Click 'Next/Okay' on each screen that pops up.

After permissions are allowed, you need to complete the setup. Click on the configure icon.

Select the lead capture form for your advertisement, and click 'Save'.

Then, scroll down and click save in the mapping section.

Once the lead form and mapping are saved, you're connected to that advertisement/lead form.

It's best to access API Nation via the marketplace, though you can go to their site directly to configure additional connections to other ads by clicking here.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing marketplacesupport@insiderealestate.com!

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